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Social Justice | Tuesday's @ 7pm | Gathering Room (Black Rock Church)
God’s love compels us to share that love with others. As Christians, we want to make a difference in the world around us, to stand for justice and show mercy. We are the voice of the voiceless and bring hope to the hopeless. This group will challenge you to grow and make a difference in the world! -Leaders: Amina Brown & Chloe Nwangwu
(GROUP IS NOW CLOSED) Arise (Women Only) | Wednesday's @ 7pm | Bridgeport
God has created women to embody strength and boldness with love and compassion. In this study, we’ll read Lisa Bevere’s book Lioness Arising to explore what it means to be co-heiresses with Jesus and discover how the strength, passion and beauty unique to women are essential to impacting our church and the world. (Women Only) -Leaders: Pauline Santos & Camile Gomes
Formed | Tuesday's @ 7:30pm | Bridgeport
We often live our lives as if we are not good enough, constantly trying to be something we're not. In this study we'll expose these lies and reveal the truth about how God sees us: a people formed by Him in His image to live purposeful and victorious lives. -Leader: Jackie Casey
(GROUP IS NOW CLOSED) Nehemiah: Restoration | Thursday's @ 7pm | Stratford
In life, we experience difficult seasons. As a result, there are parts of our lives that are fractured or broken. Looking through the story of Nehemiah, we will learn about God’s faithfulness and how we can experience healing to restore those broken parts of our lives. -Leaders: Lucas Cleary & Josh Rivera
Foundations | Monday's @ 7pm | Shelton
This group will examine some of the essential elements of our faith in a discussion based format. You can ask questions and share experiences in an accepting atmosphere. This group is open to all. We hope that you will grow in your understanding of faith, develop friendships and deepen your relationship with God. -Leader: Wayne Young
Daring Faith (Au Pairs Only) | Sunday's @ 4pm | Starting Point #2 (Black Rock Church)
If you want to live a life of faith, you’ll have to take some risks. This will be difficult and will require courage but it will be worth it! Au pairs from all countries are welcome to share their experiences, encourage each other, build relationships and grow in their relationship with God. -Leader: Mila Betinelli
Life as Worship | Thursday's @ 7pm | Bridgeport
Worship isn’t just singing songs or playing instruments, it’s a mindset. It’s a lifestyle. In this group, you’ll learn how to worship God in your daily life…at work, in your relationships and every other area! -Leaders: Austin Alianiello & John Russo
Iron (Men Only) | Wednesday's @ 7pm | Prayer Room (Black Rock Church)
God has designed men with certain characteristics and a specific calling. We will discuss relevant issues unique to men in our culture today in an encouraging setting. This group is for men who want to better understand their roles, responsibilities and relationships. -Leader: Andrew Delacroix
(GROUP IS NOW CLOSED) LEAD | Wednesday's @ 7pm | Fairfield
The importance of leadership cannot be overemphasized. Leaders aren’t born; they’re made. This is a 13-week intensive leadership training group focusing on learning, living out and discussing the attitudes, beliefs and lifestyle of a Christian leader. -Leaders: Josh Feay & Rob Guinta
Thrive | Tuesday's @ 7pm | Trumbull
Life isn’t just about getting by or simply surviving. God calls us to live a life of purpose and victory. This group will explore a variety of topics to help you take your faith and understanding to the next level. We want you to raise the expectation of what God can do in your life! -Leaders: Eric & Anna-Lisa Lubbert
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