EcoMagicks 2020 Registration Follow Up
Welcome Wild Adventurer!

We are so excited that you will be attending and co-creating the EcoMagicks 2020 event with us this Summer Solstice at Skalitude. We thank each and everyone of you for your interest in creating Resonance and Resilience with us. Please take a moment to fill out this form so that we can more easily build community before and during the event. We will of course be sharing a confirmation letter with you on June 1st with directions and other important information about our June 17-21, 2020 outdoor celebration of love for the Earth.

If you are receiving this Registration Follow up survey, you should have already paid for tickets on If that did not happen yet, please consider opening a new url search window, cut and paste this link <> and purchase a ticket now. Thank You!

If you have not registered yet because you have questions about the registration or ticket purchasing process, please contact Teri at 206-612-3511 or emailing us at If you would like to purchase tickets to the event but prefer not to use digital $ interfaces or do not have debit and credit cards, it is possible to use cash, check or money order and avoid the ticketing fees. Again, contact Teri to negotiate this.Thank You!

Our purpose here is to make sure you have all the info you need to fully participate and to make sure we as organizers know what activities and volunteer work people are most interested in doing. It is also our first time opening a Living Love Revolution event to people under the age of 18 and we would really like to do a good job of providing programming to "youngers" and supporting their parents in attending. S we have a special section of questions about that.

A Few Logistics
A reminder that Skalitude EcoRetreat is largely off the electrical grid and has very limited electricity. You will not be able to charge phones and other social media devices or an electric car without making advance arrangements with the venue hosts.

We are providing dinners and breakfasts beginning with dinner at 5:00pm Wed June 17th and ending with Breakfast at 9:00am Sunday 21st. Lunches are brought by you and potluck and sharing food socially is encouraged. You will need to bring coolers and prepared foods as there is no electricity or refrigeration available on site.
This is our first family friendly event that welcomes all ages of children and teenagers. There will be some programming provided for the "youngers" but all parents are given 100% responsibility for their children's behavior and asked to take a shift in the "youngers" programming.

Looking forward to playing with you in the Methow Valley on the amazing land that is Skalitude Retreat center this Summer Solstice! Teri Ciacchi & Bramble

All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Legal ID is required at onsite registration.
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Will you be bringing people under the age of 18 with you? Please write yes or No AND if yes; Please list each persons legal name, preferred name, age and preferred pronoun(s): *
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Volunteer areas where I am interested in doing my 4 - 6 hours of community contribution (this will give us a general idea of where we need to find work trades, each of us will sign up for specific times and work shifts at the registration booth on June 17th at Skalitude) *
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Transportation & Carpooling *
Carpooling is EcoMagickal!
Arrival Time (Help us ensure our first dinner goes well) *
We are wanting to ensure our first meal goes well by getting a head count of how many people will be arriving before 5pm and eating with us. Dinner on Wednesday June 17th is from 5:30- 6:30pm. Please click one of the choices below.
Departure Time *
We are offering the option of Post-Camp for those who are willing to work 4 hours each day to help take down the event. There is no additional charge for this, but Sunday June 21 lunch will be the last meal that is served. So please remember to bring food for yourself or make arrangements to go off site and get more food
Do you, (or any of the people under 18 accompanying you), have any Medical or accessibility concerns we should know about? *
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Event Infrastructure Supplies
If you have items you would like to bring for the event please let us know. This year we will have a fabulous teahouse provided by Tea Wyzard Richard Brandt. We have access to our tapestries and beautification inventory from years past. We also always need extra pop ups to create workshops spaces, children and teen areas etc... We always need more "fluff": pillows, rugs and soft snuggly things to create Cuddle areas and make the outdoors more hospitable for our use. Please let us know if you have ideas and inspirations for community areas to manifest for this event. Thank you!
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