Clojure SYNC Opportunity Grants
Please answer the following questions to help us get you a ticket and possible other funding.

We would love to help all applicants attend Clojure SYNC. However, due to limited funds and ticket availability, the organizers of Clojure SYNC will use the information you provide in your application to prioritize the applications based on these criteria:

* Prior interest or investment in Clojure
* Involvement in a programming-oriented community (not necessarily Clojure)
* Likelihood of future community involvement
* Early submission – we award grants on a rolling basis and early submission is recommended
* North America over international – to maximize the benefit of funds for travel, we primarily award grants to applicants from the United States

The best way to help the organizers fulfill the mission of the conference and to help your own application is by providing detailed information in the application indicating your involvement in the Clojure community and/or other programming communities.

If you are awarded an Opportunity Grant, you will receive a free, full ticket to Clojure SYNC. You may also receive support for travel and/or hotel stay. Please be sure to request it in the application if you need it.

All applications will be reviewed by the organizers of Clojure SYNC but otherwise will be kept confidential.
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