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We are changing our business model. For 2017 we will grow to order. In other words you will be able to order a half or whole pig. Either for yourself, or to share with family of friends, or as a gift. We will look after the pig and grow it especially for you. Your half/whole pig will be butchered and ready for you to pop into your freezer in late November/early December 2017.... just in time to have your own ham for Christmas.

As a guide please be aware that a half pig is approx. 30 - 35 kilos in weight, and a full pig 65/70 kilos.

A half pig would fill 2 - 3 trays/drawers in an average under counter freezer.

Your pork or bacon, will be grown using organic methods, free from antibiotics and fed non-gmo grains and other fruit and vegetables all sourced locally.

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