State of Hajj '23
AsSalamuAlykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

I pray this reaches you in the best health and ever state of increasing emaan, Ameen.

(1) Current State:

We had shared before that it was becoming more likely our IAR and its provider, Adam Travel, won't be able to offer a hajj package this year due to Hajj Ministry's decision. This is now a 100% that IAR will NOT be offering any Hajj Package this year as well. Anyone interested in Hajj this year must continue with their reservation with Nusuk on their own. Please note, since the Nusuk is independent of IAR, for support questions, please reach out to Nusuk directly. For those who had submit their deposits, please go ahead and request Br Rami to process the reversal (refund).

I found resources on how to book a package from Nusuk ( & (a video resource I found []). I hope this helps with the reservations.

(2) Hajj Packages:

The Hajj Packages are now available on Nusuk website now. Yes, like all of us, I didn't get any email from them either. They released it and many got to know from Nusuk's Facebook/Twitter. I was traveling for work so I just got to know today when I got back.

Back to packages, I see many are sold out at this time. What I am told is that they keep on updating daily and new packages are being added (or those who cancel it). This is very unorganized and there is no way for us to be alerted when they release new packages. I am hearing stories where someone has been refreshing the page every 30 minutes just to see something open up and they can book it. If you are planning to go, there is no way for now to keep updated except continuously monitor the Nusuk website.

As your patience is being tested and know Allah SWT will bless you with what's written for you. May Allah accept our intentions!

(3) Resource:

Here is a resource that I found that may benefit. This is a WhatsApp group that I got to know of from a trust source, created by many who are in a similar position, to advise each other, ask questions, and share updates when there is availability. This is an unofficial group and not related to IAR Adam Travel or Nusuk. I hope this benefits you.

This is indeed not what we had hoped for. Alhumdulillah for everything! For now, I would recommend focusing on getting the Hajj Package on the Nusuk. We can't offer much support but we will keep you in our duas.

JAK and may Allah bless you!

IAR Hajj & Umrah Team!
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