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This is a form for a single deck. However, each deck can have multiple lists on the cDDB, linked under the same deck entry.
What is the name of the deck? *
Names should be moderately recognizable, unique, and short.
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What are the deck's commander(s)? *
If using a partner deck, input only the names of the commanders in alphabetical order, separated by a slash, e.g. "Ikra Shidiqi / Tymna" or "Thrasios / Tymna". Otherwise, type the FULL NAME of the commander.
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What is the deck's color identity? *
Select all that apply.
What are the links to the decklists? *
If there are multiple links, separate them with a comma.
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Which of those lists have primers? *
Use the format "Y, Y, N, ..." for each link above, in order.
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Who are the deck's curators? Separate individuals by commas. *
Curators are anyone who plays the deck and is actively involved with maintaining a list. A curator should be confident answering questions and explaining the deck to an unfamiliar player.
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If the deck has any Discord servers, what are the links? Otherwise, put NA in the box below. *
If there are multiple links, separate them with a single comma. If the deck does not have any Discord server, please put NA in the text box below.
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What is the list's typical win strategy, relative to its opponents? *
Proactive decks prioritize winning early over board control, Disruptive decks prioritize board control over winning early, and adaptive decks usually switch priorities from game to game based on match-ups and draws.
Give a short description of the deck. *
The description should be a very short intro to the strategy and playstyle of the deck. Discuss topics such as the basic strategy of the deck, the metas and matchups it is well suited for, how the commander supplements the strategy, and key cards. You should be writing a really simple guide which helps players decide to pick or not to pick a deck. Descriptions should be around 300-500 characters and contain no line breaks.
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