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Thank you so much for your commitment to pastured meat and to supporting our independent family farm. This is your individual custom order form for how you would like your half or whole pig cut and wrapped.

Your purchase also supports two other independent local businesses: the mobile abattoir who comes to our ranch to harvest your animal on the land where it was raised, and our butcher and their team who are keeping this important trade alive.

Please note that the numbers of each cut that accompany your selections below are for HALF a pig. If you are ordering a WHOLE pig you can expect twice the amounts and you may choose two types of sausage. With a whole pig you may also choose to treat each of your halves separately for the most variety possible. If you prefer this option you will need to fill out this form twice and select "Half A" the first time and "Half B" the second time.

Don't hesitate to call if you would like help filling out your form (805) 798-3314 or email

With Gratitude,
Aimee & Jeremiah
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Special Requests - Our butcher does their best to accommodate your specific household needs. We can't guarantee your special order requests, but they will if they can! Please add them clearly and succinctly here :
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Take a moment to familiarize yourself with all that these incredible creatures have to offer us, and say thank you to this life that is soon to be nourishing yours. We are all connected, and you can feel good about what is headed your way!
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