Volunteer Code of Conduct
As a volunteer, I promise to strictly follow the rules and guidelines in this Code of Conduct as a condition of my participation in activities fo the Sterling Playmakers.

As a volunteer, I will:

Treat everyone with respect, loyalty, patience, integrity, courtesy, dignity, and consideration in accordance with the Sterling Playmakers Statement of Diversity and Inclusion, available at www.sterlingplaymakers.org

Avoid situations where I am alone with a child

Use positive reinforcement rather than criticism, competition, or comparison when working with children and/or youth

Refuse to accept expensive gifts from children and/or youth or their parents without prior written consent from the producer and director of the show

Refrain from giving expensive gifts to children and/or youth

Report suspect abuse to the producer and/or director immediately. I understand that failure to report suspect abuse to civil authorities is, according to the law, a misdemeanor.

As a volunteer, I will not:

Smoke or use tobacco products int he presence of children and/or youth

Use, possess, or be under the influence of alcohol at any time while volunteering

Use, possess, or be under the influence of drugs at any time while volunteering

Pose any health risk to children and/or youth

Strike, spank, shake, or slap children and/or youth

Humiliate, ridicule, threaten, or degrade children and/or youth

Touch a child and/or youth in a sexual or any other inappropriate manner

Touch a child and/or youth in a manner which makes them feel uncomfortable

Use any discipline that frightens or embarrasses children and/or youth

Use profanity in the presence of children and/or youth
I understand that any action considered inconsistent with this Code of Conduct or failure to take action mandated by this Code of Conduct may result in my removal as a volunteer.
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