CSC: What do YOU want to see next season?
Please take a moment to provide feedback for any or all of the below questions. One response per family, please. Thank you for supporting CSC!
How would you rate the CSC Fall technical training program with Elite Soccer Academies? (If your child attended.)
Not valuable.
Extremely valuable.
If your child did not attend the technical training sessions, what were some of the reasons why?
Any suggestions for improvement to our technical training program? (Whether or not your child attended.)
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What top 3 things would you most like to see the coaches focus on next season?
How would you describe the email communications from CSC? Click on all that apply.
How would you describe the CSC website? Click on all that apply.
How would you like to see the CSC game fields improved next?
Any new ideas or suggestions for CSC to do to improve next season? (besides the above mentioned topics.)
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Please provide any further feedback or areas of concern in the space provided below. We appreciate your input!
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If you would be willing to help CSC next season in some capacity, please include your name and contact information below.
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How would you be willing to volunteer with CSC?
Registration for Spring 2018 opens soon. A huge thank you to all members and volunteers of CSC, and see you on the fields in late February 2018!
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