LHHS Wild for Cats Academic Fund Request Form
Wild for Cats is our annual fundraising campaign to support academics at LHHS! Wild for Cats operates under the newly formed LHHS Education Foundation, and is dedicated to providing LHHS staff and students with the materials, resources, training and events necessary to benefit all students and retain our great teachers. Your requests help to set our fundraising goals so dream big! Please coordinate asks within your department to avoid duplication and maximize impact. The WFC disbursements committee will meet to discuss your requests. While some requests may be accommodated during the beginning of the 2021-22 school year, many will be considered for the second semester or the following 2022-23 school year.
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Is this request an approved vendor with RISD? (please note the WFC fund request doesn't have to be from an approved RISD vendor. This question helps with the process of distribution of WFC funds) View RISD approved vendors using this link: http://www.risd.org/Group/Departments/Purchasing_Department/PurchasingDepartment_Main.asp *
Are there other funding sources (i.e.: PTA, grants, other campus funds, other campus organizations, etc) available or have been considered and/or approached about funding for this request? *
Who will benefit from the purchase of the item(s), activity, or other service? *
Any additional information you would like to provide to Wild for Cats?
Personal Testimony-How has Wild for Cats helped specifically in your classroom, department, at LHHS, etc? (Your response will be used to help solicit additional donations to Wild for Cats to help further enhance education at LHHS!)
All materials/items purchased with Wild for Cats (WFC) funds are considered to be property of LHHS. The funds you are requesting from WFC primarily come form parent and community donors. Donors are far more likely to donate when they hear the faculty say WFC makes a difference in their classroom! If your request is granted by WFC, we would like your help and support to promote WFC.
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