Start of Semester Survey
Hey friends! So life has been a bit different for all of us given the pandemic and dance has certainly changed too! So with that in mind we want to know how you would like Minnie Dippers to look for the next bit. Keep in mind things will change as the situation changes and your health and safety is the absolute highest priority.

We are especially curious to hear your thoughts for the team as we navigate resuming in-person practices with a COVID backdrop.

Please feel free to offer suggestions! All answers are anonymous unless you would like to provide your name and contact information. Miss you all!
Are you interested in taking part in Minnie Dippers?
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What should we focus on?
How difficult would you like the routines to be?
Super Chill
Extremely Difficult
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What is your comfort level with in person practices?
Not comfortable dancing in person
Extremely comfortable dancing in person
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Are you comfortable disclosing your Covid-19 Vaccine Status to at least one of the coaches?
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At what point would you be interested in switching to virtual practices? Ex: at a certain case/hospitalization number, or by other statistics. We recognize that this will probably change depending on the dynamic Covid-19 situation, but please let us know your thoughts as of right now.
Do you have any other ideas of how you would like Minnie Dippers to work this fall/winter?
How can coaches support you best right now? This one doesn't have to be dance related!
Would you like us to follow up with you? If so, please leave us your name and the best way to get a hold of you.
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