Maroon Liberation School:
Thank you for your interest in the offerings of our Maroon Liberation Schools!

We will be opening back up our Maroon Monday classes for Season 4 on Indigenous People's Day, October 11th
Between now and 10/11/21 we are still involved in actions on the screens and in the streets, please don't hesitate to join in whatever way is comfortable for you!

What is the Maroon Liberation School?

Modern day maroons live off of the "plantation" of capitalist white supremacy in order to pre-figure a new liberated society. We refuse to be oppressed.

We believe political education and informed collective action is the strongest way to pre-figure a new society for all. We are crystallizing our commitments and ways of working, and gathering our resources for a sustainable process of revolutionary praxis (a combination of theory and practice). Each season is a bit different as we don't just pour information, we create liberation together through study and action.

Season 4 each of the 14 Maroon Mondays will be dedicated to a new artist that inspires rEvolution. In this way we are gathering and engaging with inspiration to stregthen our own artistry and organizing prowess. Focused tenet, arts equivalent to politics and engaging praxis in 'critical revolutionary hip hop pedagogy'

registration $621.00 for 14 week course.
$321 to $621 sliding scale for Black Brown indigenous, Asian folx as well as LGBTQIA+ ask about it and don't let money deter you, you read this far and it's for you. yes you.
Together we Maroon.

Thank you for letting us know about your self this season.

**THIS FORM helps us know you, and you to know us. It is for our detail-oriented people, who would like as much info as possible up front. If that is you, enter your email & name below. Then proceed to the next page to learn about the HOW - WHAT - WHEN of our school and complete your application process.

** If you prefer a more personal (or non-English) method . . .

There are 2 options:

1. For a phone call with one of our leaders please email:
Indicate your preferred language & someone will be in touch to have a conversation about your participation in our school.

2. Record your answers to the form questions on video (can be in Patois, Spanish, Swahili, French, Irish, German, Flemish), upload to the platform of your preference, & email us the link at

THANK YOU! Pa'Lante - All Power to The People- The Maroon Party for Liberation

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Season 3 was 21 Mondays, culminating in Black August with a series of films and guest speakers. (Art work by Kevin Rashid Johnson)
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