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Hello fellow go enthusiasts! The AGHS would like your feedback in order to plan out our upcoming events throughout the upcoming rest of the year. Also, stay tuned for the upcoming School Teams Tournament later this semester - more details to come!

(One more thing - we'll send you updates and notifications of our upcoming events if you put your email address below!)

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Which of the following would you want to participate in? (on a scale of 1-5)
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Youth Go League: Similar in format to the Canadian Go League, players will be paired into divisions of 4 players each and play a round robin tournament each month
Go Lectures: Professionals and other strong players will host game reviews, lectures about various topics, etc.
Pair Go Tournament: A separate tournament that will take place between May and June; 1 male player and 1 female player alternate turns playing as 1 color
Newsletter: articles about go released regularly for your reading pleasure
Qualifiers for an International Friendship Match
If you have any suggestions for some online Go related activity of some sort, please comment below!
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