Red Deer Public Library Children's Summer Reading Club 2019: Survey
We had plenty of changes to our Summer Reading Club this year, and we want to know your thoughts!
Was this your first time participating in Red Deer Public Library’s Summer Reading Program?
What is the age group of your child(ren)?
Did your child(ren) use the Reading Challenge sheets to earn book prizes?
Did the activity-based reading challenge sheets motivate your child(ren) to read?
Did any adults or teens in your family participate in the Summer Reading Club this year? (Reading Challenge sheets were available for all ages!)
New this year: Book Bike programs! Our custom-built bike trailer brought library programs and services out into the community. Did you attend any of the Book Bike programs at City Parks this year?
If so, which location(s) did you visit the Book Bike?
Did you utilize the book bike’s mobile services? (check all that apply)
Whether you participated in Book Bike programs this year or not, what are your overall thoughts on the Book Bike initiative, which brings library programs and services outside the library walls? Do you have any suggestions on how we can expand or improve upon this service in future years?
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Which of the following initiatives did you find to be beneficial/enjoyable? (check all that apply)
Do you have a favorite location(s) for Summer Reading Club programs?
Was the required information about programs and times easily accessible to you?
Did you appreciate not having to register at all for the Summer Reading Club?
Final comments or suggestions to improve the Summer Reading Club:
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