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We are glad that you have decided to consider volunteering for Mentoring to Manhood (M2M). There are youth waiting to hear from you and want to have your guidance and support. Your consistent influence and involvement can change a young persons life, and can change yours. Thank you for taking a few moments to complete our application!
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CERTIFICATION: I hereby certify that the information contained in this application is true, correct and complete. AUTHORIZATION TO RELEASE INFORMATION: I hereby authorize the references, employers, and educational institutions listed above, and any and all other individuals and entities contacted by CYAdvance for information about me, to release all information. RELEASE FROM LIABILITY: I release all parties and persons from any and all liability for any damages, which may result from furnishing such information to CYAdvance, as well as from the use or disclosure of such information by CYAdvance or any of its agents, co-workers or representatives. The undersigned acknowledges and agrees to the above stated information and that:
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By digitally selecting "Yes" below, you are acknowledging that all the information provided is accurate. If you have questions about the CYAdvance volunteer intake process, please call our office at 240-770-3870 or e-mail us at *
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