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"Once you discover nothing tastes as good as peace feels, the journey becomes less and less about food and more and more about God."

Oh man. Made To Crave by Lysa Terkeurst was one of the primary books that helped me overcome my Binge Eating Disorder in 2012. I have always struggled with nutrition. Exercise came a big more easily to me but for whatever reason food and I were not friends. I used it for coping, therapy and comfort instead of for nutrition.

When this food freedom course launched in May, gosh...I felt like it was written for me. It was everything I have been wanting in an approach with nutrition. I tend to rebel with too much structure and I am tired of feeling like I have to cook 5 different meals every day. I am tired about feeling anxious about date nights, social events, or traveling. I just want to build healthy habits and renew my mind. That's exactly what this food freedom course does. Best part is we will have a registered dietician with us every step of the way who is incredibly knowledgable and relatable as she has walked the path herself. She is the creator of the 2B Mindset and it is the perfect course to do alongside Made To Crave. Ilana will give us the principles for nutrition that help our body. Made To Crave will ensure that our soul and spirit is also changing. With this group, exercise is extra credit...not required! There is no counting containers or calories or measuring anything! We will walk this road together and create a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable approach toward FOOD and giving God room to reveal so He can heal! You will also have me as your coach for LIFE. Our private communities are available for you because we believe isolation hinders progress while community enhances it.

With all that, in case you don't know name is Caren Fehr. I am a follower of Jesus, momma of a sweet little boy who just turned two and a doctor wife! I have been in the fitness industry for 6 years and have been a virtual faith + fitness coach for over 3 years. I am also a licensed social worker! I am passionate about merging faith with fitness as I believe long lasting change in our wellness is only possible when God is the FOUNDATION of it.

I can't WAIT to hear your story and go from strangers to sisters. I am looking for women READY to commit and experience true freedom that turns into a LIFESTYLE transformation in all areas. Fill out the form below and I'll be in touch within 48 hours and we can dig more into why you're saying yes to the 2B Mindset. This group is going to be SO powerful! Don't miss it!

*****PS- here is a document I created to explain more about what the 2B Mindset IS. I encourage you to watch the Meet Ilana video in there especially!

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Thank you for reaching out to me! I will respond within 48 hours of receiving your application! I can't wait to get to know you more and I'm honored that you are interested in joining us in this journey to total freedom in our health!
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