Stop overthinking  - now! Course starting 18 January 2021.
Free yourself from overthinking in just 4 weeks.

This course is packed with practical and easy tools and tips to help you stop worrying about what other people think or being afraid of getting things wrong.  You'll learn useful techniques for managing the fear that holds you back so that you can take action and stop stagnating.   You’ll be able to stop wasting time on worrying so much and because you’re more relaxed you’ll sleep better and get more done.  In just 4 weeks you’ll be free of overthinking, fear and procrastination and able to take on fresh challenges confidently and successfully.

This course is for men and women who feel like their overthinking holds them back at work or in their personal lives.  You may worry about getting decisions right, making mistakes or upsetting people which leads to procrastination and feeling stuck.  With this course you’ll learn to free yourself from that fear.  

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