NashiCon 2018 Dealers Area Application
By applying to be in NashiCon's Dealers Area, you agree that you have read the rules in full, and accept that breaking any of these rules is grounds for removal from NashiCon.

The following items are prohibited from sale in NashiCon’s Dealers Area, due to Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center regulations and NashiCon policies:

1) Metal weapons, metal weapon replicas, any weapon that can fire a projectile.
2) Any food or drink items. This includes Ramune, Pocky, etc.
3) Illegal substances or related paraphernalia, tobacco products, vaping supplies.
4) Live-action pornographic materials of any sort.
5) Contact Lenses.
6) Bootlegs: This includes, but is not limited to, pirated DVDs, fan-subs, and unlicensed merchandise. NashiCon staff (Convention Chairs and the Director of Dealer's Room) have the final judgement on whether an item/items are considered to be bootleg.
7) Stolen artwork, including "splatter art" and officially licensed artwork that has been edited in Photoshop and reproduced without the artist's written permission.

Your spot in the Dealers Area is not confirmed until we have received a paid invoice from your business. Our Head of Vendor Relations will be in contact with you after reviewing your application.

Thanks for your interest!

I have read NashiCon's Dealers Area rules and policies, and by filling out this application I acknowledge that my business will follow them to the letter. *
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NashiCon's anti-bootleg policy is strict. If NashiCon Dealers Area staff determines that any of my merchandise is bootlegged, I will remove it immediately without question. I am responsible for determining the authenticity of my merchandise prior to the event. *
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