Running form Critique
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Step 1: Click on the link to watch a video on proper running technique. Watch from the beginning to 1:05 - then pause the video.
Step 2: Using your partners ipad, record your partner running from one end of the gym and back (the short way of the gym). Make sure you both run and record during this step.
Step 3: Using your ipad, watch your video and compare it to the video in step 1.
Step 4: Evaluate yourself on the following aspects of your running technique.
Step 5: Answer the questions in each row. *
Chest up and head still?
Arms pumping?
Landing on the "balls" of your feet?
Step 6: Watch the video from 1:05-2:00.
Step 7: Did you make any of the following mistakes? *
Arms swing across body?
No knee drive?
Heel strike (landing on your heel)?
Step 8: Have your partner record you running for a second time. Make sure you both record and run during this step. Make sure your video is on your ipad.
Step 9: Compare your first and second videos. Did you see an improvement? *
What do you still need to improve on? Check all that apply. *
Step 10: Set a goal for a part of the running technique you'd like to improve on. *
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Step 11: Erase all videos from your ipad.
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