South Australia 100
What is the Heal & Hustle Council?

The Heal & Hustle Council has been formed to provide inclusive leadership in South Australia’s COVID-19 recovery in a way that considers the opportunities and challenges faced by South Australians of all backgrounds.

As a Council, our aim is to work together to identify, consolidate and respond to existing, new and emerging challenges faced by the community, and to enable new ideas, ways of being and ways of doing things to emerge.

Our intention is to identify and implement one key action per quarter that will make a significant difference to the lives of South Australians.
What’s South Australia 100 all about?

The Heal & Hustle Council believes that before we can ‘recover’, heal, or move towards any sense of normality, we need to reflect on the significance of what has happened in recent months, during and since COVID-19.

As a state, we need to debrief on what happened. We need to reflect on how we managed it and what we could have done better. We need to do a stocktake of where we’re at now and what is needed to move forward and rebuild our community. We need to know how South Australians from all corners and walks of life are feeling, and what their thoughts are regarding moving forward.

Our Council’s action this quarter is to collect 100 stories from everyday South Australians about their experiences over recent months to inform our State of what is needed to move forward.

We want to give everyday South Australians a space to tell their stories.
What will we do with what we hear?

We will use the stories we hear from everyday South Australians as a starting point for our work as a Council.

What we hear will inform the Council’s next steps.

This is likely to include providing insights and advice to the Premier, as well as providing leadership regarding changes that might need to be made to our systems as a whole. This might involve working with other leaders in our state, media, and others.
Use the form below to tell us your story.
What's your first name?
What postcode do you live in?
We’re not going to bombard you with lots of questions about age, gender, ethnicity or job status. But in 25 words or less, describe yourself so that we know a little bit about who’s telling the story…
Can you share 5 words to explain how you are feeling after the last 4 months of a global pandemic?
Looking back at the last 4 months, what did you experience that you would like to hang on to?
What would you like to leave behind from before the pandemic hit?
If you had the chance to speak up about your experience of the pandemic, what would you say?
If your story was written as a headline in the newspaper, what would it say?
Who do you think needs to hear about your experiences? And who is not listening now?
What would make it easier for you to share your experiences with those who need to hear it?
Are you happy for us to use your story in our South Australia 100 project? This will include your story being shared along side 99 other South Australians from all different walks of life, either in blog posts, media releases, social media, or reports. We will only use your first name and won't share any contact details. *
If you would like to include a photograph of yourself alongside your story, please say YES here and email us a photo! (email address provided once you submit this form)
Finally, we'd love to grab your email address or phone number so that we can get back in touch if we need to - and of course to let you know the outcomes of this project!. If you're happy with this, please provide it below.
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