Petition: Let's make Brooklyn College, CUNY a Sanctuary Campus

November 23, 2016

Michelle Anderson, President

Dear President Anderson:

As you are aware, CUNY-Brooklyn College is a place of higher learning for numerous undocumented students from various world regions. Many were brought here as children; their parent(s) migrating under dire economic conditions. Many of their families fled violence and poverty, equally recruited directly for their labor. They took a significant risk to ensure better livelihoods for themselves and their children. This country, this city, this borough, is their identity. It is all they know.

Given Donald Trump’s promise to engage in further mass deportations of undocumented persons, we strongly urge you to take immediate action to push CUNY’s administration to declare our university and our campus as a “sanctuary” or similar status. Students have already expressed to faculty, staff, administrators, student club officers and representatives, their heightened fear and anxiety about the future. This fear, we should note, is accentuated by the recent experiences of marginalized groups on our campus, given the legacies of the Bloomberg administration's “stop and frisk” regime and subsequent documented surveillance and NYPD spying on Muslim students on campus. President-elect Trump’s plan for his first 100 days in office, which stresses building walls, increasing deportations, initiating a Muslim registry, and repealing DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), make clear that their fears are further justified. (

We believe that it is urgent for us to declare our university a sanctuary space, one where we limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities so as to shield our students, staff, and faculty from detainment and deportation. This refusal to cooperate should include a commitment not to share records with Immigration and Customs Enforcement that may identify the immigration status of students or campus workers. We should prevent our campus police and security from acting on behalf of federal immigration authorities, and prohibit these authorities from entering campus without a warrant, as in the rare case of exigent circumstance. The protocol for these potential actions involving “sensitive locations” is detailed in this 2011 I.C.E. memo: This would also, by default, set the college policy framework to protect our Muslim students, given the forthcoming administration's call to create a national registry. This could also be complimented by a public statement that urges policymakers from local to federal levels to push for necessary reforms that includes paths to permanent residency and citizenship for our students, staff, faculty and their families.

We remain aware that the federal government has ultimate authority over immigration policy, and can penalize states and localities for non-compliance. But these are the very reasons to declare a sanctuary or similar status, not only to protect our mission as an institution of inclusive learning for everyone regardless of status, but also to advance a broad collective effort on behalf of learning institutions across the country to reject President-elect Trump’s documented and declared hostility toward undocumented immigrants and groups of color. As you aptly declared yourself recently (“Standing Together,” Nov. 14, 2016), the “…College, has, throughout its history, been a place that has welcomed students excluded elsewhere, including those of lower socio-economic backgrounds, those who are first in their family to attend college, and immigrants from around the globe. Certain immutable principles derive from our unique history.”

By declaring ourselves a sanctuary university, Brooklyn College will hold true to these immutable principles by seeking to protect students, faculty and staff from investigation, or any form of intimidation by immigration officials while they are on campus. We, the undersigned faculty, staff and students, urge you to take action.



Alan A. Aja, Associate Professor
Stefania Fernandez, Alumnus
Celina Su, Associate Professor
Naomi Schiller, Assistant Professor
Katie Rose Hejtmanek, Professor
Julia Fernandez, Undergraduate student
Paisley Currah, Professor
Joseph Entin, Faculty member
Rev. Dr. Antonio Aja, Parent of professor
Jeanne Theoharis, Professor
Julio Pena III, Alumnus
Timothy Shortell, Professor of Sociology
Jean,  Instructor
Nicole Rojas,Undergraduate student, student club
Betty Wolder Levin, Former faculty member (30 yrs)
Alexandra Juhasz, Chair and Professor
Naomi Braine, Associate Professor
Thomas DeAngelis, Alumnus
John Melendez, Graduate Student, staff
Christina Rivera, Undergraduate Student
Odalis Vega-Bautista, Undergraduate student
Jose Animas, Undergraduate student
Livia Mikcova, Undergraduate Student
Krystal Valentin, Undergraduate student
Michael Azor Student
Andrew Waterman, Undergradraduate, student club
Stephanie Flores, Undergraduate Student
Areli Morales, Student
Nicole Solis-Ramirez, Undergraduate student
Evelyn Tu, Undergraduate student
Valeriya Zelenyak, Undergraduate student
Sarvar Akobirova, Undergraduate student
Taira, Friend of a student
Vanessa Rondon, Undergraduate Student
Maya-Ajee Thomas, Undergraduate Student
Laura, Assistant Professor
Jirazel Munoz , Undergraduate student
Mohamed Adnan, Alumni
Ethan Barnett, Student
Javier Calixto, Undergraduate student
Amelia Ward, Father is an Alum
Cinthya Baez, Undergraduate student
Alexander Bianchi, Undergraduate student
Gloria Farciert, Undergraduate Student
Morsheda Kabir, Student
Flor Reyes, CUNY student
Molly Clark. Undergraduate student
Joseline Marin
Simone Kolysh, Adjunct lecturer
Omayra Cen Xie, Student
Vyacheslav Borovskiy, Undergraduate student
Kaiwen, Student
Kellie Merron, Undergraduate Student
Rahel Sosunov, Student
Jean, Instructor
Colleen Lutolf, Nearby resident, Friends with alum
Brian Sowers, Professor
Ian Kelly
Anthony Punt, Alumnus
Katherine Fry, Professor
Carolina Bank Muñoz, Professor
Lynn Horridge, Professor
Christopher Ebert, Associate Professor
Jorge Hernandez, Undergraduate student
David C. Bloomfield, Professor
Prisma Molina, Alumnus
Schneur Newfield, Alum
Kimberly Welgoss, Graduate
Samuel Farber, Professor Emeritus of Political Science
Kara Stephens,Undergraduate student
Jasmine Alumnus
Jennifer Basil, Professor
Karen Shepp, Friend
Brigid O'Keeffe, Professor
Mobina Hashmi, Faculty
Antony Colon, Alumnus
Shaneen, Faculty
Esther Ritiau, Adjunct Instructor
Lila Alumnus
Marlin Bonilla, Undergraduate student
Jakarai Forsythe, Student
Rosaly Ocasio, Alumnus
Enrique Gonzalez, Undergraduate Student
Katherine Fry, Professor
Walter Gordon, Student
Rabia, Student
Nina, Applicant
Diana Pan, Professor
Cinthya, Undergraduate student
Colleen Lutolf, Nearby resident, friends with alum
Christine Locascio , Graduate student
Christina, Student
Florencia Salinas, CLAS Student Government President, undergraduate student
Sarah Beitch, Undergraduate student
Joseph Narovlianski, Alumnus
Jennifer Adams, Associate Professor
Christopher Katsaros, Undergraduate student
Gabriela Aguirre, Student
Richard Payne, Adjunct
Rachel Fink, Undergraduate student
Rohma Khan, Undergrad student
Stephen Thompson, Alumnus
Julisa Fernandez
Ruth Fernandez
Joseph Narovlianski, Alumnus
Maria Rampersaud, Undergraduate student
Anngillian Cruz, Undergrad in Sociology program.
Melissa Marturano, Former Graduate Teaching Fellow and Adjunct
Farah Cheema, Undergraduate student
James J. A. Blair, Substitute Lecturer in Anthropology
Gabriela Aguirre, Student
Sundus Seif, Alumnus
Anarrubenia P. Capellin Ortega, Instructor
Marc Napoleon, Undergraduate student
Brayan De Los Rios Guisao, Undergraduate Student
Jocelyn Wills, Professor
Liliana Castro, Alumnus
Michelle Cherian
Justine Henning, Alumnus
Derek Norman, Student
Joel Serrano, Student
Ian Torres, Undergraduate student
Sirojiddin Shamsiev, Undergraduate Student
Jannel Tillman, Undergraduate Student
Lisa Jahn, Instructor
Dalila Mendez, Alumnus
George Cunningham, Professor
Alejandra Figueroa, Undergraduate Student
Raquel Irizarry, Undergraduate Student
Shadiq Williams, Student
Zeus Sumra, Undergraduate student
Delilah Daniel, Undergraduate student
Tatiana Sangare, Undergraduate Student
Isaiah Rivera, Undergraduate Student, Presiden of BC Puerto Rican Alliance
Josephine Lindo, Undergraduate student
Emily Leong, Student
Irene Sosa, Professor
Irina Patkanian, Associate Professor
Lisbett Rodriguez, Undergraduate Student
Miguel Macias , Associate Professor
Jason Moore, Faculty
Carla Guamanzara, Undergraduate student
Tabatha Lopez, Student
William Childers, Associate Professor
John Anderson, Assistant Professor
Florence Rubinson, Professor
Aileen Santiago, Student
Ingrid Alvarez, Undergraduate student
Amanda Schreiner-Andric, Adjunct Lecturer
Michelle Paredes , Undergraduate student
Arileyda Taveras, Undergraduate Student
Abigail Ruiz, Undergraduate student
Esmeralda Sandoval, Alumnus
Sandy Rodriguez, Undergraduate, School of Education
Quinn Gallmon, Undergraduate Student
Rhea Rahman, Adjunct instructor
Gunja Sengupta, Professor
Patricia Antoniello, Professor
Christian Budhi, Undergraduate student
Virginia Sanchez Korrol, Professor Emerita
Narline Borno, Undergraduate Student
Avery Othoniel-Gilbert, Student
Jamie Gil-Morales, Undergraduate student
Secil Cornick, Adjunct Lecturer
Ivette Cabrera, Student
Arooj, Undergraduate Student
Johnny Gardere, Undergraduate Student
Alosha Arias, Alumnus
Brandyn White, Student
Carlos Cabeza , Undergraduate Student
Adonai Ramirez, Undergraduate student
Maria Perez y Gonzalez,  Associate Professor
David Arnow, Professor
Shannon Mondesir, Undergraduate student
Sophia Perdikaris, Professor and Chair
Paula Whitlock, Professor
Maddy Fox, Assistant Professor
Anselma Rodriguez, Administrator
Paul Lucass
Kyandha Cruz, Undergraduate Student
Arianna Flores, Undergraduate Student
Veronica Manlow, Associate Professor, Business Management, Koppelman School of Business
Ralph L. Pineda, Curriculum Amicus
Lindsay Parme, Adjunct Professor
Gaston Alonso , Associate Professor
Jonathan Laird, Undergraduate students
Munimur Ashrafy, Alumnus
Phillip Solodkin, Undergraduate student
Vlad Tyshkevich, Undergraduate student
Truth Opaleye, Undergraduate student
Hindy Drillick, Undergraduate student
German Alonso, Student
Pat Willard, Staff
Noam Swisa, Undergraduate Student, Computer Science
Tatsiana Varabyeva, Student
Gisell Rodriguez, Undergraduate Student
Elina, Undergraduate student
Andrea De Renzis, Graduate Teaching Fellow
Mark Laura, Undergraduate Student
Alena Weiserbs, Attended Brooklyn College for a year and a half.
Cory Look, Adjunct Instructor
Kera Weiserbs, Student
Barbara Weiserbs, Alumnus
Kaleel Bethel, Undergraduate Student
Frederick Wasser, Professor
Michael McManus, Undergraduate Student
Cinthia Perez, Undergraduate student
Sarina Dailey, Undergraduate student
Leonard Blades, Alumni
Morgan Burke, Undergraduate Student
Nicolas Vasquez, Undergraduate Student
Kaiwen, Student
Elisa Nunez Gutierrez, Undergraduate Student
Mona Hadler, Professor
Alex S Vitale, Associate Professor
Jeremy Porter, Professor
Taylor Sinkiewicz, Student
Sarah Tosh, Instructor
Esther Farmer, Alumnus
Deborrah Dancy, Administrative Assistant
Gisely Colón López, Alumnus
Megan Messana, Alumnus
DaQi Xia, Undergraduate Student
Susan Longtin, Associate Professor and Chair
Kenneth Gould, Professor
Jacob Antone Konst, Adjunct Lecturer
Ken Estey, Professor
Jennifer Ball, Associate Professor, Art History
Jerome Krase, Emeritus and Murray Koppelman Professor
Kumru Toktamis, Adjunct associate professor
Tatiana Berg, Adjunct Lecturer
Debra Lennard, Graduate Teaching Fellow
Andrew W. Arlig, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy
Alma Rubal-Lopez, Professor
Kunaal Phulesar, Undergraduate student
Gregory Smithsimon, Associate Professor
Nicholas Rago, Undergraduate Student
Dulce Cebada Hernandez, Undergraduate
Maria Scharron-del Rio, Associate Professor
Marisa LoBianco, Adjunct Professor
Troy Quallo, Undergraduate Student
Alexandra Isakova, Undergraduate Student
Joanna Pinto, Undergraduate Student
Mary Castelo, Adjunct Lecturer
David Forbes, Associate Professor, School Counseling Program
Sara Reguer, Professor and Chair
David Brodsky,  Assistant Professor
Antonio Nieves, Alumnus
David C. Bloomfield, Professor
Megan Messana, Alumnus
Janette Torres Arroyo, Instructor
Elizabeth Chua, Assistant Professor
Herve Queneau, Professor
Janet Carlile, Professor
Danielle Bullock, Alumnus and Graduate Student
Kate Ostler, Instructor
Lindsay Glasser, Alumnus, Adjunct Lecturer
James Davis, Professor
Erika Niwa Assistant Professor
Ben Lerner Distinguished Professor
Angela Fraser Undergraduate Student
Kristina Riemer Adjunct Lecturer, Admin., & Alumna
Shannon McBride Graduate Student
Victor Franco professor
Elena Valencia Alumnus
Cheryl Carmichael Assistant Professor
Jacqueline Shannon Professor and Chair
Rummanu Yeasin Alumnus
Mike Phillips Adjunct Lecturer
Carol Korn-Bursztyn Professor
Julia Alekseyeva adjunct instructr
Kara Andersen Assistant Professor
Alberto Bursztyn Professor and Chair
Linda Louis Professor
Francine C. Ward Staff
Sarah Christman Associate Professor
Rebecca Chalmers Doctoral Lecturer
Tanya Pollard Professor
Zachary LaMalfa Adjunct Instructor
Elise Goldberg Children&YouthStudies
Meera Nair Instructor
Sabrina Hajjar Undergraduate Student
Maxine Krenzel Instructor
Lillian Oquendo undergraduate student
Christina Malfitano-Lee Alumnus and Graduate Student
Stephen Aubrey Adjunct Lecturer
Roni Natov Professor
Tanya Pollard Professor
Marsha Kayy undergrad
Jennifer Calero Undergraduate student
Beth Ferholt professor
Sara Teta Alumnus, Adjunct
David P. McKay Director, LGBTQ Resource Center; Adjunct Lecturer
Maria Contel Professor, Chemistry Department
Reuben perez Student
Angela Arrocha graduate student
Monika Zaleska Adjunct Professor and MFA student
Jennifer Cherrier Professor
Aleah N. Ranjitsingh Adjunct Assistant Professor
Sayem Nasher , Student
Bernarda Pupovic Undergraduate
Samrah Shoaib Undergraduate
Karl Steel Faculty
Areesha Ashraf Undergraduate
Fatoumata Diallo Undergraduate
Stanley Redon Undergraduate
Rachel Hickman Adjunct faculty
Andrew Yurko Graduate Student
Raymond Chen Undergraduate
Beverly Bailis Adjunct Assistant Professor
Eleanor Miele Faculty
Alexis Fallas Undergraduate
Vondell Antoine Undergraduate
Haneen Adi Instructor
Carlos Chancay Undergraduate
Jose Guerrero Undergraduate
Ade Kassim Undergraduate
Cameron Skidmore Undergraduate
Leah Williams Graduate Student and Adjunct Faculty
Matthew Burgess Assistant Professor
Suklima Roy Staff and Instructor
Judith Kenny Staff
Kevin Bresnan Undergraduate
Jazmin Miller Undergraduate
Sumreen Meer undergraduate student
Anthony Valentin Alumnus
Lordy Belance Undergrad
Carla Santamaria Former Adjunct Lecturer
Catherine Green Graduate Student
Evais Horsford Graduate Student
Yani Rega Graduate Student
AnaRosa Nazario CLT, HNSC Dept.
Emma McCarthy Undergraduate Student
Erik Rios undergraduate
Helen Phillips Assistant Professor
Ethan Anderson Graduate student
Melissa Fuster Assistant Professor
Kalesha Davy undergraduate student
Corey Robin Professor
Helen Lau Undergraduate Student
Rodion Trulov Student, MA / Alimni
Laura Juszczak associate professor
Virginia Tolone-Wilson Staff
Daniel Valles Master Student
Vincent Mui Graduate Student
Richard Magliozzo Professor
Eva Baumgardner Undergraduate Student
Nicolas Lira Adjunct Proffesor
Katelyn Malae Alumnus
Kenneth Gould Professor
Murat Altun Adjunct faculty
Mariana Torrente Assistant Professor
Jessica Siegal Assistant Professor
Ryan Murelli Assistant Professor
Sharona A. Levy professor & alumna
Seth Zeltzer Alumnus
Lance Piao Student
Andres Juarez undergraduate student
Jamilah Cayenne undergraduate student
Daphna Thier Undergraduate student
Kumru Toktamis Adjunct associate professor
Daniel Kaijzer Undergraduate Student
Shayhan Lewis Undergraduate Student
Yashkumar Ashani Graduate Student
Taina Lopez Undergraduate Student
Laurel Cooley Associate Professor
Mohamed Said Undergraduate student
Luigi Bonaffini Professor
Cristy Augustin Undergraduate student
Devan Aptekar , Alumnus
Guillermo Gerona-Navarro Assistant Professor
Julian Gonzalez Alumnus
George Cunningham Professor
Robert Padgug
Joanna Zoulis Undergraduate student
Peter Dobbs Graduate student
Jean Eddy Saint Paul Professor
Tammy Lewis Professor
Molly Foster Student
Katie Uva  Adjunct Instructor
Kristie Rupp Assistant Professor
Ivana Espinet Adjunct Professor
Maria Wood Undergraduate Student
Nicole LaScala Adjunct Lecturer
Debi Coffield Adjunct faculty
Heidi Diehl Adjunct Lecturer, Alumna
Zeline Santana staff and alumnus
Zawilky Santana student
Robert Booras Staff
Jiye Son Graduate Student
Jon Nissenbaum Assistant Professor
David Grubbs Professor
Martha Nadell Professor
Christian Benes Associate Professor
Frank Angel Chief CLT
Peter Taubman Professor
Anita Bulan Staff
Kelly Spivey Senior CLT/Adjunct Instructor/Film
Rivkah Bryski Undergraduate Student
Abby Scher Adjunct Professor
David Balk Professor
Sandra Kingan Associate Professor
Natalie Lisiewicz Undergraduate student
Priya Parmar Associate Professor
Daniel Campos Associate Professor
Janet Moser Professor
Janet Kolmer Grommet Assoc Professor
Jillian Cavanaugh Associate Professor
Laura Tesman Professor
Radely Y. Carmona Alumus/ Former Employee
Katherine Hsu Assistant Professor
Rosamond King Associate Professor
Victoria Medialdea Adjunct Instructor/Lab Manager
Nava Renek Staff
Ann Lo Staff
Jason Frydman Associate Professor
Julia Cocuzz Adjunct Lecturer / Staff
Jaime Weiss staff
Patricia Cronin Profesor, Alumnus
Jason Kliot Distinguished Lecturer
Paula Massood Professor
Sara Crosby Staff
Bruce Rabinowitz Adjunct Associate Professor
Alexander Greer Professor
Zoey A Wolfe undergrad student
Stephen Preston Professor
Kiyoka Koizumi Assistant Professor
Sanja Trpkovic Adjunct Professor
Ellen Tremper professor
Nitzan Zohar Undergraduate student
Malka Simon Lecturer
Ed Coppola Chief CLT/Adjunct Professor
Anna Petrovicheva Substitute lecturer in Biology Department
Julie Hegner Assistant Registrar
Michael Goyette Adjunct Assistant Professor
Rebecca MacDonald Lecturer, Film
Emily Molina Professor
Amy Hughes Associate Professor
Victor Franco Professor
Raymond Weston Associate Professor
Bim Strasberg Staff
Kelly Roberts Alum. & Former Adjunct Lecturer
Erin Courtney Assistant Professor
Sharon Zukin professor
Tapati Debi Undergraduate Students
Martha Lora Student
Gigi Undergraduate Student
Umma Pingki undergraduate students
Natalie Nuzzo Adjunct Lecturer
Bernardita Llanos Professor
Adil Qumar Undergraduate Student
Lynda Day Professor
Josh Chapin Undergraduate Student
Jason Eckardt Professor
Amanda Rozon
Julia Fay Zimmerman undergraduate student
Dorothy Neave-DiToro Assistant Professor
Emma Schreiner Graduate Student
Douglas DiToro Alumnus
Cinthya Perez student
Ahmed Jamal Undergraduate Student
Jasmyn Sosayas undergraduate student
Rabia Rana Grad student
Jessica Gonzalez Undergraduate student
Max F. Neuman Macaulay Honors College at Brooklyn College Class of 2020
Rebecca Boger Associate Professor
Emilio Gallicchio Professor
Mark Kobrak Professor
Doug Schwab Professor
Vanessa King Staff
Dally Gomez Student
Albena Lutzkanova-Vassileva Associate Professor
Chaim Levin Undergraduate student
Ece Ersoy Undergraduate Student
Christine Costello instructor
Yehuda Klein Professor
Gizem Iscan Graduate Student
Sally Bowdoin Professor
Jessica Bathurst Adjunct Instructor
Michael Meagher Associate Professor
Ricardo Hernández Anzola Assistant Professor
Stephen Margolies Staff
Sahira Bibi undergraduate student
Lee Ann Fullington Librarian/Assistant Professor
Ejona Bardhi Undergraduate Student
Renee Peterkin Graduate student
Isha Jeffers Undergraduate student
Peter Lee Undergraduate Student
Dana Undergraduate Student
Natalie Schaeffer Professor
Louis Blair Alumnus
Lulu Sylbert Adjunct Professor
Michael Meagher Associate Professor
Rebecca Keith Graduate student
steve williams undergrad
Jaden Glasford Undergraduate Student
Lisa Del Sol Alumnus
Irene Sosa Professor
Anthony Ferrara Student
Kyle Croft Graduate Student
Beth Ferholt Assistant Professor

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