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Tour Host Guidelines:
-Posts MUST be up by 10 a.m. EST.
-If you sign up for a post and can’t post – please contact me immediately (not the day before!).
-All reviews will be posted on Amazon & GoodReads at a minimum.
-No 2-star reviews or lower unless you’ve contacted me first.
-Please, double check your posts (even I make mistakes!)
-Media kits go out 1 week prior to posting dates, it has everything you need, please use them.
-Please, don’t forget to link to the books on Amazon – how else will people buy them?
-I will send you an 'info post' that will have all the basic info you NEED to put in your post. You can personalize any way you want.
-When you have a ‘post date’ you must post on THAT date. Otherwise, the tour may have an empty day.
-Please, PLEASE contact me with any concerns or troubles, I’m here to help!
-Sign-up as soon as you know you want to participate, sign-ups will now be closed after 3 weeks.
-Use your social media for promo and tag me (@hellochicklit) so I can help.
-Please, send me the links to your reviews.
-When signing up for individual tours please use the sign-up sheets – responses via email will be deleted.
-If you are scheduled for a date and you don’t post and didn’t contact me you will be deleted from my contact list.
-Please write down the dates you sign up for… schedules don’t go out until a week ahead of the tour. It’s your responsibility to know what you’ve signed up for.
-You must have a blog & it must be at least 3 months old.
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