Mental Health + Sikhi (Sign-up)
When: Saturday 23rd January
What time: 14:00-16:00 (GMT)
Where: Zoom

- Are you a university student?
- Do you want to develop your understanding of mental health and Sikhi?
- Do you want to develop coping strategies related to mental health from a Sikhi-centred framework?

This workshop will be delivered by Bhai Baljit Singh, a Pracharak (Sikh Educator) who has worked extensively with Basics of Sikhi. Baljit has lived experiences of mental health challenges which drives his motivation in this area.

To sign up for the event please enter your email address below and you will be provided with a Zoom invitation via Email closer to the event.

This event is coordinated by the Nishaan Well-Being Representatives from Taraki, the University of Cambridge Sikh Society, University of Hertfordshire Sikh Society, University of Westminster Sikh Society, LSE Sikh Society and Kings College London Sikh Society.

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