*SOLD OUT* 2020 Summer CSA Sign-up Form

*Our 2020 Summer CSA season is SOLD OUT

You may still fill out the form to be added to our 2021 waiting list.

See link below for the form for Fall Shares

Add your name to the waiting list for the Fall share: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSenhiJYE5z4H6O8XpV5ANZGQWRZaZhJrJB_uhdJnGlpsHg9vw/viewform?usp=sf_link


If you have any questions regarding the items on this form, please refer to our CSA Information page: www.fieldgoodfarms.ca/our-foods/csa/.

If you split your share with another person or household, please enter the full name of additional shareholder(s) separated by a comma (ie. full name1, full name2).
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You may enter more than one email address to keep two or more members of your household informed of CSA reminders and other updates (ex. person1@email.ca, person2@email.ca).
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For new customers only: How did you hear about us?
We are only offering one share size for the 2020 season (hereby referred to as ''Farm Share''), which is the equivalent of approximately $25 worth of produce per week, enough to feed 2-4 people. The price for the Farm Share was $420 in 2019, payable in one or two instalments (price subject to change in 2020).

The season is for 15 consecutive weeks.

If you have signed up before January 2020 and do not receive invoice(s) by January 15th, 2020, please email us at info@fieldgoodfarms.ca.

We accept post-dated cheques, however, bounced cheques will result in an additional fee.

We accept online transfer payments. Otherwise known as etransfers, they are set up via your online banking service. Further details about this payment method, including the password, can be found in the email containing the invoice.

We ask that you do not send money through the mail. If you wish to pay cash, you may call us to arrange a time and place for the exchange.

We will only send you an email reminder if you fail to provide a payment, so it is a good idea to set yourself a calendar reminder if you have chosen to pay by instalment.
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I would like to donate to the Field Good Farms Ecology Fund, which will be put towards projects that benefit wildlife on the farm (ie. planting trees, building a natural pond). This amount will be added to your invoice. *
If possible, I would also like to be signed up for the spring and fall share. *
The farmers of Field Good Farms promise to responsibly manage the CSA and to serve the membership by applying their farming knowledge and efforts to the production of fresh produce to be distributed fairly amongst the CSA membership.

I understand that this form is the first step towards becoming a CSA Member, and that I am not an official shareholder until I have paid in full.

I understand that as a CSA Member with Field Good Farms, I am an investor, a shareholder in both the bounty and the financial risks of the farming season. I understand that nature ultimately decides what I will receive and when I will receive it.

I understand that Field Good Farms does not offer refunds, although CSA shares may be transferred if I am unable or unwilling to continue my subscription and I understand that I am responsible for locating someone to buy out my share.

I understand that I am responsible for pickup of my weekly share of the harvest at the time and location I have chosen. If I am unable to do so, I may designate another person to pickup at the same location or I have until midnight the same day of the pick-up to claim my bin. Field Good Farms will then do its best to find a convenient time and location for the distribution of the missed share.

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Thanks / Merci / Miigwetch!
- The Team at Field Good Farms, including Ryan and Isabelle, and Madeline
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