Evaluating the impact of learning analytics
TASO is in the early stages of scoping a new project to evaluate the impact of learning analytics on student outcomes. The specific aims of the project have not yet been defined and will, in part, be informed by the responses to this survey. However, we anticipate that the project will seek to understand:

1) The accuracy with which learning analytics identifies different groups of disadvantaged students who are encountering challenges with their studies.

2) The efficacy of the different interventions employed by learning analytics platforms to improve student outcomes – attainment, retention and progression.

To help us develop the scope of the project, we would greatly appreciate you completing this short survey which asks about your opinions and experience of using learning analytics.

Data Protection Notice
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1. Please confirm that you have read and understood the Data Protection Notice (linked above) before completing the questionnaire *
2. Name
3. Higher Education Provider / organisation
4. Job title
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6. Do you use learning analytics within your higher education provider? (We define learning analytics as an umbrella term for utilising digital platforms that measure, collect, analyse, and report data on learning, for the purpose of understanding and optimising their learning and the environments in which it occurs)
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7. If you answered no to the above question, please skip to question 12. If you answered yes, please continue.
8. What platform do you use to employ learning analytics?
9. If your learning analytics platform flags students that are experiencing challenges with their studies, what interventions do you offer?
10. What are the student outcomes that your learning analytics programme aims to affect? Please select all that apply
11. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about how you use learning analytics at your higher education provider?
12. If you do not currently use learning analytics, are you planning to use it in the future?
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13. If you plan to implement learning analytics in the future, what do you require to initiate their use?
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14. If TASO launched a project in this area, would you be interested to hear more and receive information about invitations to tender as a research partner? *
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