nuučaan̓uł Language Mentor-Apprentice Application 2018/19
Hesquiaht Language Program
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Your FULL NAME & the FULL NAME of your proposed Mentor (Eligible Mentors are nuučaan̓uł fluent speakers; fluent speakers are those who were born into and raised in the language for their first years of life). *
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I understand that applications submitted after 11:59pm on July 27, 2018 cannot be included in the applications review process. Applications received by the deadline will be confidentially reviewed by a panel of fluent Elders and a Mentor-Apprentice graduate. *
Home address & phone number of proposed Mentor: *
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Home address & phone number of Applicant/proposed Apprentice: *
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I understand that the nuučaan̓uł Mentor-Apprentice program will involve 300 hours of one-on-one language immersion with my proposed Mentor in 2018/19 to help me improve my language fluency. I understand that if we are accepted, we will be provided with language immersion techniques training and access to a coach. I understand that both Mentor and Apprentice will be paid an hourly rate from Hesquiaht Language Program in order to make this 300 hours together possible. *
As the Apprentice, I understand that I will be trained to be responsible for driving the learning in this program. I accept responsibility for keeping in contact with the language coach to get advice/ideas and to provide progress updates. *
Are you a registered member of a Nuu-chah-nulth language speaking nation? (Including nations that have signed treaty) *
Under which nation/tribe are you a registered member? *
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Are you able to spend between 12-15 hours per week in one-on-one language immersion sessions with your Mentor from August 2018 through March 2019? *
If yes, please explain how you and your Mentor can make this number of hours together possible. Identify the time of day and which 3-7 days of the week you can meet with your Mentor (i.e. Monday & Thursday after work for 3 hours, Saturday & Sunday for 3 hours in the mornings). *
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If no or maybe, please explain factors that might make the 12-15 hours per week target unobtainable.
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Will you be able to travel with your Mentor for a Mentor-Apprentice training on Vancouver Island with the other nuučaan̓uł Mentor-Apprentice teams? It is likely the training will happen in August, 2018. *
If you might be prevented from attending trainings with the other teams, please explain. Please list dates of August events that would be a date conflict.
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In which year were you (the Apprentice) born? *
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Based on your own best estimation, please tell us your current nuučaan̓uł language fluency. (low, mid or high beginner/low, mid or high intermediate i.e. “mid beginner”). *
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1) Regardless of your nuučaan̓uł speech level, do you currently use our language at home/at work/anywhere else? 2) Identify specific people or places with whom you would like to become able to speak in our language. *
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Your application will be confidentially reviewed by a panel of fluent Elders and a Mentor-Apprentice program graduate. Please give a longer explanation to the following: 1) why you want to learn your language 2) where/with whom you hope to be able to pass our language on in the future. These two answers will be closely examined by the Elders in the applications review process. *
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Four applicants will be notified by phone or email of their acceptance into the program. We estimate the process will be completed by August 7, 2018. An announcement will then be made public. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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