2020 STAY Project Virtual Summer Institute Registration
Young folks in Appalachia, we see you. Y’all who are on the front lines, organizing your communities, gathering your people, turning up in the streets, we see you. Y’all who are grieving, fighting to take care of yourselves and your people, who are deep in heartbreak, just making it through day by day, we see you. Y’all who are angry, raging, or ready to, and looking to channel that righteous indignation into liberatory action, we see you. Y’all who are feeling the isolation, unsure of how to move or who to move with, looking for comrades, for community, for connection, for a political home, we see you. Y’all who are ready to build, ready to fight and to love, ready to learn and to share, to gather and to organize, ready to vision, cultivate, and practice a transformed world, we see you. We are feeling all of it too, holding it all every day, and y’all should definitely come be our friends so we can hold it all, feel it all, build with it, and move together.

The Stay Together Appalachian Youth Project (STAY) has been out here holding radical youth led space, connecting a network of young folks across the hills, hollers, and hoods of Appalachia, caring for each other, making political home, dreaming of, visioning, and practicing liberation, and doing the work to make our communities places we can and want to STAY. Register here for our month long virtual STAY Summer Institute featuring popular education and visioning workshops, member led skill and knowledge sharing workshops, culture and talent sharing, caucus spaces, informal gathering spaces, and so much more scheduled throughout July. Join us, share with your folks, and, of course, hit us up if you got questions.

This Summer series is for youth ages 14-30 living in the Appalachian Region. By registering you will receive weekly email reminders of the workshops and events throughout the month of July.
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The STAY Summer Institute for young people in Appalachia to teach each other so we can be better leaders, learners, and activists in our region. Sessions can include panel discussions, skill sharing, strategy sessions, informational presentations, anti-oppression workshops, etc. We are also encouraging special sessions that share and exhibit creative expression, including but not limited to: music, creative writing, and folk art.
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