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End the worst year ever by doing something good and taking on the challenge of the Sidewalk Bad Movie Marathon! Participants will compete to see who can last the longest in the face of some really terrible holiday movies. Remember, this is a test of endurance, not a race and is open to all from a casual weekend Netflix binger to a true cinephile.

In addition to watching bad movies, participants will work with Sidewalk staff and volunteers to raise much needed funds to support the important education and outreach work of Sidewalk Film.
By participating and fundraising, you help ensure the continuation of important educational programs like the Sidewalk Youth Board, Sidewalk EDU, SHOUT About Youth and the Black Lens Filmmaker Grant and Membership Program.

Registration, Fees and Fundraising Goals: Each marathoner will be asked to raise a minimum amount of funds to cover their expenses and to help Sidewalk Film continue its mission to encourage filmmaking in Alabama and build savvy, media literate audiences. A non-refundable $100 donation is required at the time of registration and will be credited toward your fundraising goal. Registration is open to all and is unlimited, however The Bad Movie Marathon event is only open to 30 participants. The first participants to meet their qualifying fundraising goal will be allowed to move forward to the event on December 4th.

Half Marathon Qualifying Amount: $500
Half Marathon Total Fundraising Goal: $2,500

Full Marathon Qualifying Amount $1,000
Full Marathon Total Fundraising Goal: $5,000

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As a Sidewalk Bad Movie Marathon participant, I hereby agree to train and raise funds (half / $2,500 or full / $5,000) for the Sidewalk Bad Movie Marathon. I have until December 6, 2020 to fully raise the funds. *
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