Darker Days of St. Patrick
A evil laughter comes from the pot full of gold.. A smoke cloud appears as what you think will be a sweet ol' Leprechaun..but to your surprise he is not sweet.. colorful... or happy... So use your imagination of what the Darker side of St. Patricks Day would be..

Sponsors - 250L Fee
Will be at the starting of the Hunt
Store Logos will be add'd to website
Hints/Pictures will be listed of course in order of Stores

1. First off Be Nice to each other, we are not here to judge we are here to have fun
2. Everyone takes pride in the work they do.. So if you can't say anything nice.. Shh it
3. Please adhere by timelines given
4. Make sure if you are going to be late, contact Lilyanna Mandrake
5. This is a 1L Hunt, hunter are paying for your creation, please be creative.. No Recoloring something already in your store.
if you have a question about your design, IM Lilyanna Mandrake, Open Communication is everything..
6. Last but not Least.. HAVE FUN!

Applications Close has been extended to Feb 13th
Welcome Packs sent Upon Acceptance
Sponsor Fee Due no later than Feb 20th
Hint/Pic Due Feb 24th
Hunt Prim Set Out Feb 27th
Hunt Prim - Filled and Ready by Feb 28th
Hunt - Starts March 1st
Hunt - Ends March 31st

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