Utility Assistance Google Form
If you find yourself behind on your utility bills, and fall within income guidelines, local assistance programs may be able to help.

Please use the following form to apply online through one of the following programs: Project Share (Energy Assistance), or Nampa Shares and Cares (City of Nampa). Be sure to read the description for each question.

If you find you don't meet program requirements, scroll to the bottom of this form for additional utility assistance resources.

Have a blessed day!
The Salvation Army Nampa Corps
(208) 467-6586 Ext. 1
Email *
Applicant's Full Name *
Please enter your full name as it appears on your bill.
Active Account w/Idaho Power *
Project Share is an energy assistance program. For your power or gas bill, applicants must have an active account with the Idaho Power Company. This does not apply if you are applying for assistance with your water bill.
Applicant Date of Birth *
Are you over age 62? *
Applicant Address *
The bill must be for the current address and be in one of the following areas to qualify for energy assistance. The Salvation Army Nampa Corps can assist residents living in Nampa, Huston, Melba, Marsing, Murphy or Homedale. Please remember to include your city and zip code. For water assistance, client must live in the City of Nampa.
Applicant Phone Number *
Other Resources? *
List any other agencies you have already talked to and what the outcome was. IF YOU HAVE NOT YET REACHED OUT TO OTHER AGENCIES, PLEASE DO SO NOW. A few are listed below.
Which utility is the bill for? *
Account Number
For Idaho Power and Intermountain Gas only, please enter your account number below.
Service Agreement Number
For Idaho Power, this number is on the back side of your bill. The process will go faster if you have this information.
Is the bill for the current address? *
Is the bill in your name? *
Water: *
For assistance with your water bill, have you received services from the City of Nampa for AT LEAST a year?
Household? *
How many live in your household?
Food Stamps? *
Do you currently receive Food Stamps? If yes, please be sure to have a copy of the CURRENT Health & Welfare letter listing benefits available. We ask for this question because the guidelines for Food Stamps is the same for Energy Assistance.
Gross Income *
Please enter the MONTHLY gross income (income before taxes) for the ENTIRE household for the PREVIOUS month. For example, Employment, SSI (Supplemental Security Income), Social Security (retirement, disability, survivors and supplemental benefits), Workers Compensation, Pension, Unemployment payments, TAFI and TANF assistance.
Amount of the current bill? *
Enter the $ amount of your TOTAL bill.
Shut off?
If yes, please enter the date of your shut off.
Past due?
Project Share is only able to pay on bills that are PAST DUE.
Clear selection
Past Due Amount *
Please enter the past due amount.
Due Date *
Please enter the date your bill is due.
Nonpayment due to? *
Please explain why you are unable to pay the bill at this time.
Good Faith Effort *
Please list what efforts you have made to make a payment on your bill. For example, reaching out to the utility company about payment arrangements or have recently made a partial payment?
Previous Assistance? *
Have you previously received assistance through Project Share or Nampa Shares & Cares?
Regarding Utility Assistance: *
PLEASE NOTE: Upon qualification, payment can take 4-6 weeks to process. You may even receive another bill that does not reflect the pending payment. The bill will reflect payment ONLY when funds are posted.
Salvation Army Account Number
Optional: This number can be found on the front of your pantry food box card IF you currently have one.
Best time to reach you?
Clear selection
Comments or questions?
Electronic Signature *
Please acknowledge your consent by typing your name in the space below. Doing so certifies the above statements are true and correct to the best of your knowledge. A false statement may disqualify you for utility benefits. Thank you.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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