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This Public Comment forum seeks community feedback on the proposed Final Report of the New gTLD Auction Proceeds Cross Community Working Group. The CCWG is seeking input on several specific questions to facilitate its finalization of the report.

Please note that this is the second Public Comment held by the CCWG. The CCWG previously held a Public Comment on its Initial Report. All input that has been previously received through Public Comment has been reviewed and considered in the context of the Initial Report (see

This is a new format for collecting public comment. It seeks to support commenters in providing structured responses and assist the CCWG in sorting and managing comments.

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Main Edits Included in the Proposed Final Report
Question #2 below asks for your input on the following changes that have been made to the report since the Public Comment period held on the Initial Report:

• Section 4.1: The descriptions of the mechanisms have been updated to focus on the elements that matter most to the CCWG’s decision-making and to reflect additional input received from the ICANN Board and ICANN org. The proposed Final Report also reflects the CCWG’s expected recommendation in relation to the mechanisms, based on an indicative poll conducted amongst the CCWG members and participants.
• Section 5.1: Response to charter question 1 and corresponding recommendations regarding selection of the mechanism(s) have been updated to reflect further deliberations in the CCWG since publication of the Initial Report.
• Section 5.1: Response to charter question 7 and corresponding recommendations and guidance for the implementation phase have been added regarding the establishment of an Independent Project Applications Evaluation Panel, regardless of the mechanism implemented.
• Section 5.2: Responses to charter questions 3, 5, and 10 now include discussion of considerations specific to mechanism C, in addition to mechanisms A and B. to In the Initial Report, only considerations related to mechanisms A and B were provided in these responses, as these were the two most favored mechanisms at the time that the Initial Report was published.
• Section 5.2: Response to charter question 9 and corresponding recommendations have been updated to state that applicants and other parties should not have access to ICANN accountability mechanisms to challenge a decision from the Independent Project Applications Evaluation Panel to not approve an application.
• Section 5.3: Response to charter question 6 and corresponding guidance for the implementation phase has been updated to reflect that the CCWG discussed the possibility of using a “basket” approach to distributing funds and recommended further consideration of this approach during the implementation phase following input from the Board.
• Section 5.4: Response to charter question 11 and corresponding guidance for the implementation phase has been updated to reflect that the CCWG considered recommending the creation of two panels for the purposes of conducting reviews of the mechanism, but based on Board feedback, decided that the details about the review panel(s) should be established in the implementation phase.
• Annex C: Guideline #5 in Annex C has been updated to include input from the Board that auction proceeds should not be used to fund and supplement ICANN’s operations, including existing or terminated programs, and should not be used for any applicant’s ordinary operations.
• Annex D: Clarification has been provided that inclusion in this list not a guarantee of funding for projects that are designed to be identical or similar to examples included in Annex D.
• Annex E: New Annex: Glossary added.
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