2019 CHIRP Radio Listener Survey
To help CHIRP plan for the future, we'd appreciate it if you would fill out this current listener survey. The information we gather will help us better understand who is listening, how you use the service, and what we can do to improve.

We appreciate you taking the time to fill out this survey! As thanks for participating, you have the option of entering our drawing for a $250 Visa gift card. If you'd like to do that, be sure to include your email on the final question of the survey. We'll draw one winner on or around January 5, 2020 from all participants who opt to include an email address. Your answers will remain anonymous even if you provide your email.

Thanks so much for your help!
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Do you own a vehicle? *
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How often do you do the following activities? *
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Shop at a local independent business
See a film at a theatre
Eat at a local (not chain) restaurant
See live music
How do you listen to CHIRP (select all that apply)? *
How often to do you listen to CHIRP? *
What is the most common time of day that you listen? *
When do you listen most frequently? *
Do you listen specifically for a certain DJ? *
If yes, which DJ(s) do you listen to regularly?
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What are you doing while you listen to CHIRP? *
Do you use the CHIRP mobile app? *
If you use the app, which of the following features do you use regularly (select all that apply)?
Which best describes your experience with Smart Speakers (Google Home, Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod) *
Which of the following best describes your financial contributions to CHIRP? *
What are the three radio stations you listen to most often (streaming or broadcast)? *
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Do you have a paid subscription to any of the following services? *
What are the three main reasons you listen to CHIRP? *
How have you participated in CHIRP events? *
What do you like most about CHIRP? *
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What could we do better? (We appreciate that some of you will be inclined to say, "expand the broadcast range," but unfortunately there's no way to increase our broadcast coverage area with our current FCC license, so you don't need to mention that. We know.) *
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How did you first find out about the station? *
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If you'd like to be entered in our drawing for the $250 Visa Gift Card, please leave your email address here. Thanks so much for taking our survey!
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