The Great Big Scavenger Hunt - sign up form
In order to participate in the Scavenger Hunt event, you must fill out this form. Only submit the form once per TEAM (between 1 and 4 players), not for each team member.
Team Name (this + the date needs to be written on a piece of paper, visible in all your task submissions). If you're a single player, make up a team name anyway. *
Team leader's first name and email. I'll contact you through email to let you know your results and if you've won anything. Team leader is also the person we'll sent your prize to. *
Are any players underage? If so, consent of a parent or guardian must be emailed to *
Discord ID#s of each team member (if you're in the convention's Discord server, which is highly recommended!) *
Are you okay with your submitted tasks being shared on social media? This answer applies to your entire team, so make sure everyone agrees! It doesn't mean all (or any) of your submissions will be shared, but I hope to show off some that stand out :D *
If you replied yes to Instagram or Facebook to the previous question, you can leave your social media information here if you'd like to be tagged in any posts that show off your submissions.
Anything else you'd like to add?
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