MA-003-D Space Check-In February 2019
Welcome to our domain! We are so pleased to have you!
Site fee is $15 for Space, cash or PayPal (link at the end of check-in).
There is no site fee for the first three games of a new MES member.
Please make sure to check in with DC Staff when you arrive, and Staff will update your check-in as appropriate (Paid/New).
Player Name *
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MES Number *
Mind's Eye Society membership number. Please put N/A if you are a player within your first two months; after two trial games all continuing players must set up a MES account. Please see DC Staff if you don't know how to do that.
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Email Address
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Visiting Our Domain? Where from?
Welcome! Give your home domain a shout out!
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Is there anything for this weekend's games that you would like to request prestige for?
Please list (game setup, narrating, 1+ hrs driving someone else to game, etc). Requests can also always be submitted by emailing the DC at
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Are you checking in a Player Character? *
You will be able to check in your character and also note that you are NPCing. Each page will give you the option to continue on.
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