LGBTQ+ of FIRST Representative Application
This should take approximately 30 - 45 minutes
See: LGBTQ+ of FIRST Handbook Section 3.3: Representatives
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Affiliated Teams
Please answer in the form of "FRC 5530" or "FRC 5530 / FTC 9895 / FTC 8511" if there are multiple
High School Class or American Equivalent *
If in between grades, round up one year
Application Questions
Your answers to the following questions will be what your application is judged on.
Why did you apply to be a Representative with the LGBTQ+ of FIRST? *
If you are currently a high school student, do you plan to be involved with FIRST once you graduate? How?
Do you have any specific areas of expertise with regards to LGBTQ+ topics that you are particularly passionate about? *
What experience do you have with advocating for LGBTQ+ issues? *
Would you be willing to spend time at competitions and events promoting the organization (handing out pins, pamphlets, talking to people)? *
What kind of time commitment can you offer? Representatives are actively involved with different projects of the LGBTQ+ of FIRST. *
How many competitions / events do you normally attend per season? *
Do you have any skills you are most proud of that you can bring to the LGBTQ+ of FIRST?
Is there anything else that you want us to know about you?
LGBTQ+ of FIRST Project Interest
Representatives are actively involved in different projects of the LGBTQ+ of FIRST.
LGBTQ+ of FIRST Common Projects
Select one or two of these projects that you may be interested in. If you are not interested in any of these, please provide some ideas for projects we haven't thought about.
Elaborate on your specific skills sets and experiences that you can contribute to those projects
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