Weekly Recognition Report
Please fill out this Report each week by Monday at Noon CST. I will go LIVE at 1:00pm with the Recognition from the previous week in our Facebook.com/groups/yourgamfam Group. You must fill this out to receive recognition and to count for your Saturday Surge Consistency Prize.
Your First & Last Name:
How many Faces did you sit down with last week to try the Product? {In person or virtually}
How many Interviews/Leadership Training Sessions did you complete last week? {Women you or your Director went over the Business Marketing Plan with}
What was your Retail Sales for the week?
Attend 10 Challenge
When you watch 10 Saturday Surges this Quarter, you will receive your Consistency prize! You have until Monday at Noon CST to watch the Replay and answer the questions below.
What were your takeaways and Ah-Ha Moments from the Saturday Surge?
What is your answer to the Saturday Surge Reflection Question?
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