bioSyntax Survey
This is a user experience survey that will help us improve bioSyntax for your use. Thank you in advance!
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How many years have you worked in computational biology? *
What biological/scientific files do you open and look at regularly (in the last 12 months)? - if your files are not listed, please mention them in "Other"; we want to see what other file formats people are interested in having syntax highlighting for. *
When you open up a biological file, which text editors do you use? *
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Which one of the above images do you find easier to read? *
Which one of the above images do you prefer? *
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In which of the above images is it easier to identify the species containing a single nucleotide variant in its DNA? *
Do you use bioSyntax? *
If yes, how difficult was it to install bioSyntax?
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What additional features would be useful for your work if bioSyntax incorporated them?
What else can we do to improve your experience with bioSyntax?
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