2024 Floresville Peanut Festival Parade Entry Form and Release Waiver
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1. Deadline for entries in the parade will be September 28, 2024 or till all spots are taken. (Whichever comes first) We will go to a waitlist once all spots are taken.
2. Judging will begin at 8:30 a.m. sharp. All entries must be in place, setup, and riders must remain in place until all judging is completed. Entries will not be judged if participants are not in place. No Late Exceptions.
3. Judging will be based on general appearance, artistry, originality animation, and costuming. Bands must perform before the judges in order to be considered for an award.
4. Those in a political office are welcome, and any candidate running for office may enter the parade. Incumbent public officials who are in the parade shall be allowed to identify themselves by name and the office in which they occupy. Those running for office may only identify themselves such as “Candidate for _____.” Both incumbents and challengers may identify the political party with which they are affiliated. However, neither incumbents nor candidates shall be permitted to utilize any decoration on their float or vehicle for any purposes other than identification. Signs or decoration that state "Vote for/Elect _____" are prohibited.
5. Autos and large vehicles must be driven by a licensed driver, small vehicles (mini-bikes, small tractors, mowers, etc.) must be operated by a person age 12 or older. NO 18-wheeled trucks or tractor-trailers of that size will be permitted. THIS IS A SAFETY RULE.
6. Car club entries are limited to 6 vehicles. Total Car Club participation is limited to 3 (three) clubs and participation will be on a first applied first approved basis. Multiple chapters of the same car club will not be allowed. No weaving of vehicles is allowed on the parade route.
7. No articles whatsoever (gum, candy, toys, etc.) may be thrown from any float or vehicle. If someone is caught throwing items from their float/car/walking they will be asked to leave the parade immediately. Passing out paper fans or flyers is permitted. THIS IS A SAFETY RULE.
8. Each youth group must be accompanied by an adult supervisor who shall be responsible for the group following all parade rules. Adult groups shall select a contact person.
9. All cancellations please notify The Parade Committee by emailing them at peanutparadeinfo@gmail.com
10. All entries MUST disperse quickly and safely from the break up area at the end of the parade route. There will be no “holding area” at the end of the parade. Stopping, blocking units behind you from proceeding or unloading participants is NOT permitted.
11. Horse units/animals MUST provide a pooper scooper to follow the entry to ensure public safety and sanitation. (If this rule is not adhered to, you will not be able to participate.)
12. All entries must be operated in a legal, safe, and ethical manner and comply with law enforcement and Floresville Peanut Festival Association directions and community standards of good taste. Any lewd or lascivious behavior will not be tolerated and will be grounds for expulsion from the parade. The consumption of DRUGS OR ALCOHOL by parade participants is strictly prohibited.
13. The Floresville Peanut Festival Association retains the right to refuse entry of any unit or individual not conforming to the high standards expressed herein.
The undersigned agrees to participate in the FLORESVILLE PEANUT FESTIVAL PARADE on Saturday, October 12, 2024 in downtown Floresville, TX. 
We agree to abide by all rules that have been set forth by the Association and to cooperate in every way possible to insure the success of the parade. 
The Floresville Peanut Festival Association is not liable for any injury or property damage to participants in the parade. 
All parade information and placement number within the parade will be e-mailed to the email address submitted approximately 1 week prior to the festival. 
DEADLINE TO SUBMIT ENTRY IS Saturday, September 28, 2024 or till all spots are taken. (Whichever comes first) We will go to a waitlist once all spots are taken. 
You will be notified in the event the festival has to be postponed or canceled.      
Floresville Peanut Festival Association Release Waiver                                                    
By acceptance of an invitation to participate in the Floresville Peanut Festival Association Parade, I accept and assume all risks and responsibilities for any and all claims for property damages and/or personal injury to ourselves, our participants, guests, invitees, and/or employees regardless of the nature or cause of the damage or injury and hereby release the City of Floresville and The Floresville Peanut Festival Association from liability for any and all property damage, personal injuries or other claims arising from participation in the Floresville Peanut Festival Parade, including those that are known and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen.   
I agree to indemnify, defend and hold the City of Floresville and The Floresville Peanut Festival Association harmless from any claim for property and damage or personal injury in connection with our activities in the Parade. I further covenant not to commence or prosecute any action, suit or other proceeding against the City of Floresville and The Floresville Peanut Festival Association as a result of any property damage or personal injury received by participating in the Floresville Peanut Festival Parade.        
This document shall be binding upon myself, my legal representatives, heirs, successors and assigns.     
I have read and am voluntarily signing (by typing my name below and submitting the form) this Release, Waiver or Liability and Covenant Not to Sue and Agree to be bound by its terms.                                                                     
* Please retype your name as a signature confirmation of your agreement to the Parade Rules and Release Waiver *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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