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The Australia-Japan Society of Victoria (AJSV) Mentoring Program facilitates mentoring connections between university graduates, students nearing the end of their degrees and those developing their career with professionals working in a range of sectors. The program aims to enable both mentors and mentees to develop their professional networks, leadership skills and gain professional insight and engagement into Japan related sectors, including but not limited to finance, international relations, design, law and trade.

The program will involve three or more meet-ups between the mentee and mentor, with further engagement to be determined by both parties. The meet-ups will be in-person and will cover career development, experiences working in Japan or a Japanese company or sector, networking advice and other partnership specific content. The mentor will recieve an overview of the mentees ideal outcomes prior to commencing the activities.

Successful mentee and mentors applicants will be paired by the AJSV with considerations of sector, interests and experience. The AJSV will introduce the partnership through an e-introduction and continue to check-in with the mentor and mentee to ensure that the opportunity and activities are in line with the proposed outcomes of both parties. Should either participant be unhappy with the matching, AJSV will explore alternate arrangements.

Please note that this program will not be a means for mentees to have someone look over assignments/job applications; there will be structured outcomes to develop skills from their mentors that the AJSV will follow up with all parties throughout the program. There will not be an expectation that mentors will provide work experience or work through this program, although the mentoring relationship may continue past this formal program organically.

This is a volunteer-based program, and mentors and mentees are not paid.

Program Dates: Mid-August - December 2019
Registrations open: 1 September 2019
Registrations close: 30 September 2019

Please note that priority will be given to AJSV Members. If you wish to sign up as a member please visit:

For more information please contact

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