Covid-19 Waiver
I am aware that Coronavirus (COVID – 19) can be serious and can be spread to others if I have been exposed to the virus. By signing this Attestation, I am attesting that at any time I enter Cheer Dawgs Xplosion/Xplosion Elite's building, that the below statements are true for me and my athlete(s). *
By signing this Attestation, I am consenting to have my temperature taken via a non-contact infrared thermometer each day that I enter Cheer Dawgs Xplosion/Xplosion Elite. I understand that if my temperature reading is 99° or higher, I will not be allowed to enter the building and report to the hospital.I acknowledge that if I cannot affirm to all of the above statements at any time upon entering the Cheer Dawgs Xplosion/Xplosion Elite building.
By entering your name and your athlete's name you are acknowledging the Attestation.
Parent/Guardian's Name *
Athlete(s) Name *
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