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I understand that my ATC slot(s) will be ran on multiple sites when possible to increase the chance of success. In cases where I end up with multiple pairs per order, I can keep all pairs or return them and I will only be charged 1 time per ATC slot. For Example: *** If I had 1 slot and hit 2 pairs, I will only be charged for 1 slot. *
For multiple slots , I will provide DIFFERENT name, ccard info, billing address, email, phone number to lessen the chance of cancellations *
I understand that kickscartedeasy.com is not affiliated with any online stores such as footlocker, adidas, supreme, or yeezysupply. For any UNUSUAL/PENDING charges, I will deal directly with online stores. *
I understand that kickscartedeasy will run restocks for up to 7 days unless I notify them otherwise. *
I will only use gmail or yahoo email for footsites (footlocker, eastbay, champs, footaction) *
I agree that KicksCartedEasy is not required to refund me once my shoe/items ships. If for whatever reason my shoe/items was returned to sender due to using different names other than mine (multiple slot orders), KicksCartedEasy will NOT refund me. *
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