Diagnosing the Digital Economy: WBG Experience and Challenges
Date and time: August 5, 2020 (11:00am to 12:30pm EDT)

Presenter: Nagy Hanna, is a global expert on digital transformation strategies. He has 45 years of experience in economic development, including advising policy makers in developing policies and institutions in support of innovation, digital economy, smart cities, and knowledge industries. Over 30 years at the World Bank, he served various functions in operations, corporate strategy, and evaluation of development effectiveness. Since Bank retirement, he published several books, and joined several think tanks and universities.

Based on his review for the Digital Development Department of the World Bank of the emerging experience from a recent (2018-2019) program piloting new digital economy assessment tools in several developing countries, he will present a brief summary of motivations, early results, the challenges facing the WBG and countries in assessing the digital economy, and few lessons for aid agencies and their clients. Finally, he will explore the question of whether the WBG is ready effectively to assist countries to manage their digital transformation, and suggest future directions.
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