Fintech Industry Retreat
We would like to invite you to attend the Fintech Industry retreat taking place from December 3rd to December 5th, 2020. Limited slots will be available.

The fintech industry retreat aims at gathering fintech Startups founders, enablers, financial institutions, investors, and Regulators in one space, diving into deeper conversations and knowledge sharing about the industry, with the below objectives in mind:

•Build a common understanding of the current challenges facing the Fintech industry;
•Develop a common vision for the role that the fintech can play in enhancing the quality of human development and experience;
•Create a space for deeper knowledge exchange between the participating entities, utilizing the experiences that had been accumulated in the industries over the years;
•Build synergies between the different stakeholders aiming at working on policies and projects that would help in fostering the application of the suggested projects.

Through your participation in the Ecosystem retreat, you will be able to meet a very diverse group of fintech professionals and discuss their challenges and listen to their recommendations and insights on the fintech landscape of Egypt.

Date: 3rd-5th December "The agenda runs from Thursday to Saturday. Yet we will move from Cairo Wednesday after work".

Event Language: Arabic
Commitment fees: 1000
Venue: El Gouna

Transportation and Accommodation are covered by our retreat Sponsor GIZ.

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