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Climbing towards Success: Navigating our new work environment ahead
2021 CenCal Professional Development Seminar (PDS)

SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS Friday, August 6, 2021, at 11:59PM - DEADLINE EXTENDED to Monday, August 23, 2021, at 3:00PM.
EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS will be sent out on Friday, August 27, 2021.
On behalf of the 2021 PDS Planning committee, I am very honored to announce that the 2021 CENCAL PDS Conference will be in San Luis Obispo, CA, on Salinan and Chumash native land.

In October 6-7, 2021, we will be exploring the theme “Climbing towards success: Navigating our new work environment ahead.” This past academic year as been a time like no other in our communities and on our campuses - where student support professionals at every level have been confronted with enormous challenges never imagined before. We had to navigate uncharted waters, often times with short notice and with urgency. Our professional, social, political and personal worlds have collided and TRIO/Higher Education as we know it has been changed forever. We have so many critical conversations to share, as we begin a new climb towards the success ahead.

Our hope is that we are re-inspired and hopeful for a better future again in our space together in San Luis Obispo. And finally after a year of countless event cancellations, we are optimistic that we will have the opportunity to gather together in person, to learn from each other, to celebrate the work we have done, and to be in community again. We will need to heal and reaffirm one another. Right now our work is greater and even more important! Let us come together to forge a better future for our profession, our students, and our campuses. The 2021 PDS will provide us opportunities to reflect, recenter, and rediscover our purpose - for the work ahead.


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PDS Competency Areas
To help workshop presenters better understand the competency areas for our Professional Development Seminar, please review the six competency areas developed for our annual program. These competencies are adapted from the joint NASPA & ACPA Professional Competency areas for student affairs professionals. Please review the six competencies and select a competency area in the subsequent section.

Competency descriptions:

Leadership and Professional Development: Addresses the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required of a leader, with or without positional authority. Leadership involves both the individual role of a leader and the leadership process of individuals working together to envision, plan, and affect change in organizations and respond to broad-based constituencies and issues. This can include working with students, student affairs colleagues, faculty, and community members.

Advising and Supporting Students: Addresses the knowledge, skills, and dispositions related to providing advising and support to individuals and groups through direction, feedback, critique, referral, and guidance. Through developing advising and supporting strategies that take into account self-knowledge and the needs of others, we play critical roles in advancing the holistic wellness of ourselves, our students, and our colleagues.

Student Learning and Development: Addresses the concepts and principles of student development and learning theory. This includes the ability to apply theory to improve and inform student affairs and teaching practice.

Law, Policy, and Governance in TRIO: Includes the knowledge, skills, and dispositions relating to policy development processes used in various contexts, the application of legal constructs, compliance/policy issues, and the understanding of governance structures and their impact on one’s professional practice.

Values, Philosophy and History of TRIO / Higher Education: Involves knowledge, skills, and dispositions that connect the history, philosophy, and values of the student affairs profession to one’s current professional practice. This competency area embodies the foundations of the profession from which current and future research, scholarship, and practice will change and grow. The commitment to demonstrating this competency area ensures that our present and future practices are informed by an understanding of the profession’s history, philosophy, and values.

Technology: Focuses on the use of digital tools, resources, and technologies for the advancement of student learning, development, and success as well as the improved performance of student affairs professionals. Included within this area are knowledge, skills, and dispositions that lead to the generation of digital literacy and digital citizenship within communities of students, student affairs professionals, faculty members, and colleges and universities as a whole.
This year, we are asking presenters to select from one of the competency areas that best describe your presentation. *
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