Lockland Community Needs Assessment for Community Learning Center
Lockland Community Needs Assessment for Community Learning Center and possible BOND

The Lockland Local School District is pursuing an opportunity to become a Community Learning Center. In order to develop this partnership and serve the community, we need to complete a survey investigating the needs and wishes of the Lockland residents.

Additionally, the district is facing some hardships due to the age of our buildings. Portions of the building are 105 years old. There are concerns with the boilers, the roofing, the plumbing, the electrical, the fire suppression system, the data/technology system and the air conditioning. These systems are working; however, they have needed repairs more frequently over the past few years. An audit was completed and many of the systems will need to be totally replaced over the next few years. This could result in the district having to request money from the community.

Prior to making any decisions we would like your input to help guide our decision making process. Please answer the survey questions to help lead us in a way that will support the wants and wishes of the community. Once the results are established, we will hold a series of community meetings to discuss our options.

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Who is Filling out the Survey?
Which of the following are important to you...?
The Indoor Facilities of the building can be used for community use
The Outdoor Facilities of the building can be used for community use
A Supervised After School Program
A Supervised Before School Program
High Standards for test scores
Prepares students for the next grade
Prepares students to be Good Citizens
Students needs are met
How does Lockland Compare? Is it better than, the same as, or worse than…?
Reading School District
Lincoln Heights Elementary School
Hartwell Elementary School
Cincinnati Public Schools
Princeton City Schools
Wyoming School District
St. Peter & Paul Academy
St. Nicholas Academy
Mt. Notre Dame High School
Moeller High School
Surveying the Community
Lockland is a good school
Does the Lockland School System impact your property value?
Would you send your children, grandchildren to Lockland?
Would you recommend Lockland Schools to other parents?
Lockland School District is good for the community
Lockland students are prepared for the Real World
Surveying the Community Needs
An After School Program is needed?
Summer Enrichment Program is needed?
Community GED program is needed?
Community Adult Education classes are needed?
Community Access to College Courses
Community Adult English Language Classes (English as a second language class)
Community Library Access
Community Doctor’s Office
Community Dental Office
Access to additional early child daycare
Lockland Needs Assessment for a renovated or new building:
If the Lockland Local School District must address the needs of our older buildings what would you like done?
What would you like to add to the school if it was to be renovated or built new?
What would it take for you to approve the work of renovating or building new?
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