City of Birmingham Mayor's Office - Division of Youth Services Meeting Request Form
The purpose of this form is to allow us to best serve you by collecting information that will make our meetings more efficient and effective. Please take the time to provide thoughtful responses to the questions below, and feel free to contact our office at (205) 320-0879 with any questions.
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3. Are you a 501©(3) tax exempt organization? *
4. The purpose of this meeting is to: *
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5. Which of the following areas of Youth Services does your request relate to? (Check all that apply) *
6. Please provide a brief description of your reason for requesting a meeting, and how you are seeking for our office to support you? *
7. Are you requesting city funding? *
8. If requesting funding, please attach a detailed budget outlining all expenses. (Upload a budget)
9. What percentage of your overall budget are you seeking to have covered by the Division of Youth Services? (Please note that due to policy we do not fund 100% of any organization's budget for events/initiatives/programs etc.)
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