Craft Beer Tasting
The Axie organizes a craft beer tasting! This event takes online place on Tuesday 26th of January at 20.30. The online event will be in Dutch but you can still get the beers as an international studentThe first subscribers will get some extras! The craft beer tasting costs 3 euro for members and 5 euro for non-members. Beers (4) will be delivered at home if you are in Wageningen, otherwise you have to buy them yourselves (you will receive a shopping list and the activity will be free of charge). If you want to participate with friends or roommates, each should sign up individually.

The sign up period ends at 24-01-21.

By signing up for this activity, you automatically give permission for pictures being made. Those can appear on our social media and website. For more questions, email to

By signing up you also give permission for your answers to be shared with the Axie committee members.

You can sign out for this activity until 24-01-21 by sending an email to
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If you don't want the beers delivered, you don't need to pay, you will receive a shopping list to buy the beers for yourself.
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If not, please transfer the money (5€ for non-members) to NL 34 RABO 0333 1941 52 before the 22th of January.
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