Mt. Lookout Swim Club - House Guest Request Form
Please allow up to 3 days to process your request.  You will be contacted only if your request was denied or if we need additional information. All approved changes will be made in your account and house guest(s) will be added the day before their visit.  You can log in and review your account at


The rules for Guests/House Guests are outlined in Section 5 of the handbook, as follows:

4. House guests, which shall be defined as persons whose permanent residence is outside the Greater Cincinnati area. House guest privileges for guests must be obtained in advance from the Club by emailing the Club and requesting such privileges, which may be granted or denied at the Club’s discretion. If this rule creates a hardship for your family or you have a situation that falls outside the parameters of these rules, please contact the Board of Trustees to discuss potential special arrangements on a case by case basis.

5. All guests—including house guests—must be accompanied at all times by the sponsoring Member
or a member of the sponsoring family who is twelve (12) years of age or older. Prior to entry/admission, all Guests must be checked in as “Guests” at the Front Desk and entered into the system by the Front Desk Attendant, with the Member present at the Front Desk at the time the Guest enters/checks in to the Club. A Member may alert the Front Desk that he/she is expecting a Guest prior to the arrival of such Guest; however, no Guest will be allowed in until such Member greets the Guest at the Front Desk and “signs” them in with the Front Desk Attendant. Further, if the Member leaves the Club, the Guest(s) must also leave with such Member. Any member who fails to register a guest or supplies false information as to such guest will be subject to a suspension of Club privileges, at the discretion of the Board of Trustees

6. The Club Manager or the Board of Trustees shall have the right to refuse admission of guests to
the Club at any time, without notice. If the Board of Trustees deems it advisable, it may exclude all guests
except house guests on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.

7. Guest fees:
(b) The rate for house guest privileges shall be Ten Dollars ($10.00) per house guest per two week period (or part thereof) regardless of the number of days such privileges is actually used. The term “house guest” refers to individuals, not families; therefore, this fee will be assessed per person.

(c) No persons may obtain house guest privileges for longer than a two (2) week period without
written consent of the Board of Trustees. No person may be a house guest of more than
one (1) member or member family in any year without the written consent of the Board of
Trustees. Each house guest must have a permanent residence outside of the Greater
Cincinnati Area, as determined by the Club Manager in its discretion.

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