Raptor / vulture tracking survey
Thank you for participating in this survey. Completing your responses should only take 5-10 minutes once the relevant information is collated from your records.

Responses to this survey will provide a preliminary assessment of the incidence of negative effects arising from equipping vultures and raptors with tracking units and harnesses, as well as failure rates of transmitters and attachment methods.

The findings will be used to inform the discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of raptor and vulture tracking at a workshop to be held at the 2018 Raptor Research Foundation Annual Meeting in Kruger National Park, South Africa, in November 2018.

It is also hoped that these preliminary findings will promote standardized reporting of negative effects of tracking studies towards establishing a framework for best practice, as suggested in recent publications for other avian families/guilds (e.g. https://doi.org/10.1186/s40317-017-0139-6 ) but not yet addressed for raptors and vultures.

The responses will be analyzed and the findings presented in a summary presentation at the RRF workshop and also within a summary report which will be distributed to all respondents and internally within the IUCN Vulture Specialist Group.

Answers marked with an asterisk " * " require a response, you can leave others blank or enter "NA". Please refer to the question description below the main question wording for additional details.

The survey is divided into the following sections:

SECTION 1. Introduction - this section.
SECTION 2. Respondent details.
SECTION 3. Total numbers of tracker deployments and confirmed negative effects (i.e. effects/impacts on the birds: injuries, deaths, entanglements, breeding effects etc).
SECTION 4. Transmitter failures
SECTION 5. Attachment failures
SECTION 6. Perception of importance of reporting negative effects.
SECTION 7. Request for additional information.
SECTION 8. Thanks and space for comments or additional information.

If you are able to provide additional information relating to the age classes of individuals equipped with transmitters and individual cases of negative effects, please respond "Yes" to Section 6 and you will receive a pre-prepared Excel spreadsheet which can be completed and returned to the email address below.

Thank you for your valuable contributions.

Please send any questions to: survey@4vultures.org
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