Utah Sweet Savings Community Bulk Meat Purchases via The Savory Butcher
Please fill out this form and as soon as we have 40 people that will commit to ordering in the area, we can make a stop in the next few weeks. Huge thanks to Becky from Utah Sweet Savings (https://www.utahsweetsavings.com/) for being the organization leader in Utah!

The way that this co-op idea works is by generating enough commitments in one area to be able to have the power of group buying in bulk to be able to get some amazing quality meats for an amazing price! I am working on getting prices that are 30-50% lower than the grocery store for the same comparable quality - like that of the "top shelf" meats (highest quality for the price of the lowest quality).

If you would like additional information about what I am doing and who I am, I encourage you to read my blog post here: https://thethriftycouple.com/savory-butcher/

To get a truck to your area, we need at least 40 people to COMMIT to ordering in one specific neighborhood/zip code. Once I have 40 people per zip code, I can get a truck to come with meats FRESH from the farm (never frozen) to a metropolitan area and bring us all of this good food!

After I get that, I will email you with the potential dates and times for pickup and opening ordering for your areas the week of delivery. Please note, I am in pilot testing, but if we can get this off the ground, there will be many more amazing products (and I will be able to get organic, but I need a lot more interest...we are just starting, so we will get there!) and I am also working towards having an app made where you will reserve your case ahead of time, but pay for it at pickup. I might make a reservation with a deposit so that it protects me from not being left with tons of meats. If you want to see the current selection of meats, please visit: https://savorybutcher.com/r/utss

As far as when we come to an area, that is up to you all! We are planning to come to Utah on October 24-25. Where we are able to stop depends on the zip codes that are filled up on this document! Spread the word by sharing this document and bring interest and then I can make it happen!

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What product(s) would you be interested in for this delivery. We currently have just the four products available for the delivery (if all goes well, future deliveries will have many more options). You can see the products on our site at: SavoryButcher.com
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Would you or can you send someone to pick you your product on weekdays?
Please note, if we get at least 40 commitments per zipcode, we can open ordering for your area for delivery of the highest quality, farm fresh (never frozen) meat truck to make a stop in your area. How committed are you to ordering for this next pickup if we open ordering?
Are you interested in being a neighborhood organizer? It is essentially sending out a form similar to this and generating grassroots interest/commitments.
Do you have any questions? You can also email me directly at Cassie@SavoryButcher.com
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